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Hello All,


This is my first post on this forum, and I am hoping to get some perspective/advise from you guys.

I met a guy through a dating website and we started talking over the phone. Its been almost 2.5 months now. He lives hundreds of miles away from my city and we decided to meet up on one of the weekends. So we met after almost 2 months of talking over the phone. The first few hours were little weird, but later we really had a good time (at least I think so). We hung out together for almost 2-3 days, checked out places, and had a good time.

We have intimate phone conversations (just want to clarify - we don't have phone sex), and we got intimate when we met . We did not have sex but we got really close for the first meeting. He left saying he really had a good time. Its been couple of weeks now, but he is not saying anything more than that. He mentioned few intimate things we did saying he liked them a lot but nothing more. We continue to talk over the phone but I was wondering if he really wants to say if we are in a relationship now?

We are both in our thirties, and not fooling around. In our busy lives, we do manage to talk for couple of hours almost everyday. But I am expecting hime to say something more now, since we've met already.

Am I thinking too much? Shall I give him more time since it has only been 2.5 mo and BTW we are planning to meet up again too. I was wondering if he wants to meet up again, why can't he say something that will just comfort me more?


Thanks for reading and replying to my post !

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Long distance relationships work at a slower pace than in person ones. Just because you have met does not mean that suddenly you are in a committed relationship - it is merely a part of getting to know each other. If in an "in person" relationship it took a few weeks or months to decide you wanted to be exclusive, at least double that, if not more, for long distance.


It also takes two, as they say. If he kept telling you what a nice time he had, maybe he was expecting to ask him to do it again. Realistically, though, it is going to be hard to move things forward because of the distance. The only way it will work as a real relationship and not a mere flirtation or fantasy is to keep making plans.


because you are not both 18 years old and "not messing around" with things in life it could mean that you could get more serious fast because you know what you want, but on the other hand, it could mean you are more set with your jobs, etc, and the relationship unless it really knocks you both off your feet is not worth throwing everything away for,


Just enjoy it for what it is right now - and make plans to see eachother again if you both feel it. It is just one step at a time. In the meantime, be realistic and open to making friends nearby.

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