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How do i let go of this?

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Just found out i was a rebound, and don't know what to do. Feel hurt, used and angry. So far, i have sent her about 100 emails saying how i feel. She has blocked me from everything. Nice, seeing as though she walked into MY life years ago and convinced me she was over the ex.


The way that i found out is that she very publicly started a topic on broken hearts in the dating site at which we met. I was only looking for friends at the time.


She was also on this forum saying how 'amazing' it was to see her kids, and not one mention of me, except to say that her 'broken' heart had stopped her from having a 'great relationship with somebody special'. Pity she didn't tell me that.


Thing is, i didn't want to date her from the start and she pursued me. She went out of her way to demand a commitment from me, all the time, living this double life and hiding all that from me. Nice. All she demanded from me was honesty and look at how she treated me, from the beginning.


Anyway, i know i have to move on with my life. Now i know i was used as a support system, and the reason she said she moved to my state is that she said she hated her previous state. Yesterday i found it out it was to get over her former life.


All the way, i feel decieved. The saddest thing is, i was 38 when i met her and was contemplating having a child. Now i'm 40 and i've just wasted all this time.


I want to go NC and let this go. Any advice?

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People are pathetic like this.


I am disgusted that she used you for so long.

Coming to a forum with a broken heart only to eventually damage yours.


Well....the damage is done.

you know exactly why she was with you.


It would be stupid for you to hold on.

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I am sorry you were used as a rebound. This is why it annoys me to no end when I read posts here on ENA about people who want to launch into the dating scene 5 minutes after a breakup and claim they don't want anything serious...but in the meantime they assure their "victim" that they are okay.


The only advice I can give is to try to block it out and focus on your own life.

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Aw MGirl...they are not worth it, lets go NC together...I'm feeling a bit deceived tonight too...lets say it now, day one right? Lets start...Eclipse x


Okay, eclipse, let's do it. PM me if you have to Maybe we can be international Pen Friends?!

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I know exactly how you feel,i met this guy on a dating site 2 years after a very hard seperation from my husband so i was still a bit scared.He was the one who persude me we was together only 4 months but in that time he constantly told me he loved me was going to move in with me and we was going to have a baby etc.I was his soulmate,the love of his life then in realised hes not over his ex and i felt so used.We broke up but he asked if we could keep in touch and because i was so in love with him i agreed,he called and text me almost daily for the first month then it stopped and i havent heard from him in ages.So not only did he break my heart when it had only just healed but it feels like he ripped it out and stomped all over it.

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