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suddenly started being interested in girls

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I have only ever had crushes on men, and only ever had sex and relationships with men and thought and love it! I check them out, and get very aroused by males in general. I never went through any adolescent stage of liking girls, or even girly guys, i was all for hair and hard c*cks.


But since christmas last year, I have suddenly started checking out girls, finding myself get turned on by girls and fantasize about girls a little. I was set off yesterday when the most drop dead gorgeous girl sat next to me on the subway, her thigh was up against mine, she smelled lovely and had the most cute little breasts. I just wanted to climb on top of her and kiss her deeply, and when she left the carriage I was so horny and thought to myself "oh my god this has never happened to me"


I'm going to start a different college soon, and i remember from the open day a very very cute girl who is bisexual and gave me some looks. We will be on the same course and I have a feeling I will find it very difficult to resist her if she tries it on...

I guess I am a little nervous about the prospect of doing anything with girls, this is all so new to me.


I'm a little confused about this. What could this mean?

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There is a difference between being aroused by something and wanting a deeper connection with someone. Being aroused by something I would say doesn't mean that much, we can get aroused by many different things, some of those things could be objects not even human. The thing that strikes me is that you talk about people like they are objects so it is really not that strange. As long as you are honest with yourself and honest with the objects of your desires, then I guess nobody would get hurt.

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