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got ex back but...

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So yesterday i saw my ex and we got back together on my 20th too but anyway we couldn't be happier we've been together so long and we still loved each other after the split but now my family have found out and aren't happy what should i do how should he prove to them that he's changed?

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Ow, this is always really ugly. What exactly are they mad about?


At any rate, your family needs to support you. I know different people in different cultures and castes have different family ties, but to me my family is there as a network of support. If they don't support me, rather or not I'm right or wrong, I have to live my life. I love them, but they have no power over me.


The only way you can prove he's changed is to be with him and show through growth as a couple that he's changed. Anything other than that is simply talk, and won't prove anything.

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