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Guy always teasing me...


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There's a guy that I have a little crush on (we're both late 20s) and I see him about once or twice a week where he works and hang out for a bit during work hours... I notice he's always teasing me (not in a mean way)... For example, I'll ask to use the restroom and he'll say something like no, you can't... haha, just kidding... or the other day I came in to pick up an item he ordered for me and he says oh, I already sold it to someone else... When he says these things it's obviously to get a laugh out of me and see my reaction.


He and I both have the same sense of humor (sick and twisted, haha) so we totally get each others' jokes... But I wonder if this is his way of flirting...? I kind of feel like we're in Junior High with all the teasing and joking... I'm not sure if he's just that playful or if he actually likes me... Are guys playful with women they're not attracted to?


Before anyone says ask him out, I'm gonna say this... I casually tried to ask him to join me somewhere before and he declined since it was last minute and he had something to do that night. So, unless it wasn't blatantly obvious when I asked him, the ball should be in his court now... So I'm waiting for reciprocation because I don't want to be too pushy with another invite...


Anyway, we've only known each other for like 5 months, and we met at his work since I come there a lot. Since then, I usually hang and talk for a while with him... The teasing has been increasing recently after we've gotten to know each other on a more personal level. We're pretty much becoming friends... so I'm wondering if he's being flirty or just being friendly... Do guys play around and tease women they don't like? Or does he like me and I'm in Jr. High again...?

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He's either flirting with you, or he's just a very friendly guy. Since you invited him to do something with you so late minute, you should invite him to do something with a week's notice, and see where that goes. If he accepts, then he most definitely likes you. Good luck!

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I had a guy in his late 20s do the same exact thing. He would make jokes so much that I almost thought he hated me. Come to find out it was the total opposite, he really liked me a lot. No matter the age, confronting the opposite sex can be nerve-racking at times and guys will find any way to get a smile out of you and get you comfortable with them. If you didnt make it obvious when you asked him out that it was because you liked him, i definitely think you should try again. As AshleighxGirl said, do it at least a week in advance so there's no excuse. If he rejects that too than I guess he is just being a friendly guy.

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