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Why are people jealous?


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This girl I'll call her Friend B.

We used to be friends.. Very close and what not. I considered her to be my sister. But slowly I started to notice things about her.

Myself, Friend B and friend M all used to be best friends. But Friend M stopped and discontinued the friendship with Friend B because of how crazy she gets. She is bipolar and has some type of personality disorder.

I am best friends with friend M. I've always cherished her.. She has been More than a best friend. She actually makes me happy and I enjoy every second with her. Starting a year ago, me and Friend B drifted apart.

She wa extremely possesive and had terible angry outbursts. Shed take her jealousy out on me. Shed be extremely upset and shed bad mouth friend m constantly "why the f are you friends with her? She's a dumb wh----!" stuff like that. I stopped talkig to friend b because everytime we talk she brings me down I feel drained all the time. I can't keep up with her angry outbursts, always putting me down. Especially when I am dating her brother. She constantly tries to say stuff like "he deserve better he's dating a b----!!! Don't speak to him and stay away from him!" just because we are not friends.

She wad the one that told me to get out of her and life and than she wants me in her life again.

Yesterday she flipped out on me.. I asked her one question and it turned into an hour of extreme insults. She even called me 5 times from her work telling me to stay away from her brother and to get out of her life. She told me to "go die". I haven't spoken to her in months

I don't know what her problem is...

She seems to hate me and I asked her why?



I am happy with my life, my relationships and my boyfriend.


But what I can't understand is why she can be this way? And now she is trying to sabatoge my relationship with her brother..



Sorry if it's long but please.. I need all of your input


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She claims to not care about me and my friend but she is always throwing insults against us.. My friend M is moving here soon and friend b yelled at me on the phone

"Good for you. F off. You and M can go live it up in the city and have fun I could care less! I'm glad we aren't friends you're a beep and beep beep beep! Stay away from me and my brother you beep. I don't care about you!! Go die!! Hahaha wait til I tell him this."


like seriously... If you don't care why must you go through all that trouble?

What's her problem. If she's happy with her life why is she trying to ruin mine?

This is ridiculous.. Lol I let her go and I let her live her life.

Yet she wants me "dead" and wants me "gone"


is she that jealous...?

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I've been with him for 3 years.. We got back together recently.

I really hate everytime we fight - when I used to speak to her - she brings him up. how immature?

But now they are not very close. He's busy with his career and life, so Maybe she's hurt he spends time with me and I spend time with him.

Really? Cause she keeps telling me she's not hurt and she's happy..


I stopped hanging out with her around last year. She did some really messed up things. She lied about so much unbelievable things and I just lost my respect for her. She was extremely jealous that I would spend more time with friend M and I'd have more fun with her. She would always say " I wish things were how it used to be" lol...

But how can it? If she's always making things worse. She's been acting like this for months now. But I just let her be and did my own thing. I thought she had a life so that's anoter reason why I never spoke to her plus, everytime we did shed bring up Friend M and she would go balistic lol so I avoid her. And now she hates me and she's trying to mess up my relationship.

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It happens. It sounds like she is angry and hurt because she wants to be better friends with you. And not only are you not willing, you have other friends and you dating her brother. She is really hurt by it so she is acting out to get your attention and to make her the center of attention for awhile.


Don't worry about her. Just leave her alone. She'll get over it when she grows up.

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Some people are just spiky, like a hedgehog.


I once knew a completely craaazy girl. We had the same birthday, we were best friends within a week. A couple months later she went totally psycho on me for no reason at all. She said she hated me, told me I was stupid, and made fun of my fat. (NOBODY may make fun of my fat!) So I dropped her like a hot potato and went on with my life. It hurt almost as much as a breakup. I had the same feelings of loss that I would have had with a boyfriend.


It's been years, but every couple weeks I get a message from her on facebook or in email, asking to please please pretty please be friends again, or warning me that she'll really kill herself this time, or telling me that that the fallout was all my fault (although not telling me what she's talking about, seriously I didn't do anything wrong).


Walk away, walk away.

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Wow that's like how it is with me...


I called her once well her brother and she picked up...

And she just went nuts on me. How she hates me stuff....

Same thing. And she told me to get out of her life...

So I did.

A month later she tried really hard to get back into contact with me.

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