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NC for 2 days and that's just the start.

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I think you should go to his house...or arrange an accidental meeting...stop calling him though for the time being, maybe give yourself a break to think and see him next week...good luck Eclipse x

I agree with just showing up at his house. This is more important than a no contact rule. Even if you just set up a date and time to meet when you show up there. You don't have to spring it on him at the front door. He can't ignore this, and he's not cause he doesn't know, you have to get in contact.

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I kind of disagree with the others.


You're pregnant. That's kind of a medium-term thing. You will be pregnant for the next 9 months. He has gone MIA for 48 hours. Even in a healthy relationship it is not unheard of to go out with friends and to go MIA for a while. You really have time to tell him this news.


I'd skip all the dramatics and give the guy about a week. Otherwise, it's just going to be a big blow-out anyways. In about a week, call him. He will likely call you back/answer at that point. THEN you can tell him.


I think the emotions are running too high. You need to let them chill a little. You have time.


PS - I also think it's a little strange that you find out this news in the 48 hours he's been ingnoring you. I mean... when he started ignoring you, did you run to the pharmacy to get a test? Or have you been holding on to this information for a while? YOU should digest the news and decide what you want before you bring HIM into it.

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