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If she has never been alone, will she ever be happy?

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Hello all. So something popped into my head today. My ex broke it off with me for another guy about 8 months back, and after their relationship broke down after a month she came back to me (yes i stupidly accepted her back), and then she left me AGAIN 2 months later for another guy!


First off I wont be making this mistake again trust me, it already makes me feel like dirt as it is. We dated for 6 years and were going to get married. Before me I believe she dated another guy for a long time as well, and now she has been with this new guy for about 5 months and apparently they are madly in love with each other already...wouldn't be surprised if they got married. I have realized now that she has not been actually alone in a good 8 or so years for more than a couple of weeks.


So my question is this. Will she ever actually be happy considering it seems like she just goes from relationship to relationship? She has never learned what it means to be alone like I have for the past half a year, so will she ever be able to be truly happy?


Just wanted some thoughts on this.

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Probably not lostheart; happiness is a choice we make that involves the million and one little choices that we make every day and all of which come from a place of self awareness. She sounds very immature and could probably benefit from some time being single. Chances are that she'll grow up one day but don't hold your breath just in case

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People like that are not truly happy because they define themselves by their relationship. If she gets married and the relationship starts getting mundane she might crave the excitement of a new relationship and end up cheating because her self-image is tied in with having a man pay attention to her.

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I should have seen the signs that she was giving 3 years into our relationship. She started being bored with everything with periods of excitment that wouldn't last more then a couple of months, then right back into boredom. *


It's too bad really that she won't understand how it is to be alone, then to have that sense of onesself. I have a gut feeling that she will turn out like her mom in that she remarries many times and will never truly be happy. I honestly am going from being angry at her for leaving to feeling sorry for her.

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