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I lost the weight.. and now I'm weirded out

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Between a recent illness and switching over to far more healthier eating over the last few months (eating only unprocessed foods as much as possible), I've lost a good 10-15 pounds. I had previously been in the borderline of average/overweight for my height, so I was never heavy, but I had a lot of fat in my stomach, which I hated.


I've lost a lot of my stomach and some of the weight of my hips and thighs. My arms have thinned out a bit and I've even noticed that I've lost some weight in my face. It didn't really hit me how I really did look different until I got out of bed for the first time in a few days after I had been sick and looked in the mirror.


The weird thing is that somehow now, I don't feel like me. I tried on clothes today and everything was way too baggy. I almost felt sad to go down to the next size. My mom also kept commenting on how skinny I was over and over, and it made me kind of uncomfortable.


Anyone ever gone through something similar? Maybe it's because I feel like it was all so sudden. I don't want to be unhealthy or heavier again, but it's weird.

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I have always been a small built kinda girl...never fat. I gained a bunch of weight because my thyroid was off and I was on meds that make you crave carbs and gain weight. I HATED it. I have just recently lost pretty much all of it and it's taken a LONG FRIGGIN' TIME, but I now weigh around 130lbs and I absolutely LOVE it! I feel like me again! but, I have never been naturally big, so to me it feels normal.


Have you naturally been a little overweight for most of your life? That could have something to do with it. You probably get used to your body a certain way if you are that way for a long time. For me, I was not used to feeling and looking at myself overweight. I am used to feeling like I am sitting on bones when I sit...lol so, that's why it was weirder for me when I was overweight.

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I've never personally experienced this, but I have heard of it from others who have changed in size. I think the member HealingHandsWarmHeart has talked about experiencing something similar (although she lost a TON of weight).


First, congrats on your achievement! Very well done. The only thing I would recommend is to celebrate your new size by buying a few nice pieces of clothing, if that's something you can afford. (You could also trade in some of your own clothes that really don't fit to try and break even a bit more). That way you wouldn't be mourning your old figure but celebrating and ushering in the new one, and you might also feel a lot better if you wear clothes that flatter your new shape. And of course, you're YOU at any size - but you already know that. Maybe you could also try to plan a few "you" activities to get out of the funk and reassure yourself that you're still the aneffigy that everyone knows and loves?

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I think it has a lot to do with you being sick and losing the weight that way -- it was sudden and it's never good to lose a lot of weight due to illness.


And it always makes me uncomfortable when people comment on how good I look when I lose weight - I know they mean well, but to me, I looked fine before!

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If you are still at a healthy weight for your height, you will get used to it. If you lost the weight quickly, it will take a bit of time to adjust to it.


I have gone through times where I lost weight due to health reasons and there were times where I truly was way too thin for my height. I felt uncomfortable because my weight was too low.

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If you lost the weight due to sickness and a change in diet, you have not increased/ strengthened your muscles. Thus I'd recommend to do some low impact exercises (if you do not want to lose any more) to form some muscle shape - which is usually considered with a healthy look.


You'll get used to your new shape in no time - just go shopping for something new, it's fun

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