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Shes on holiday .... Please Help !!!

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Hi my name is simon and i have the most amazin girfriend in the world... we have been seeing each other for about 1 year now and things have never been better, our relationship is so strong and everybody says how great as a couple we are.


However, she booked a holiday to greece a while back for her and her mum with some older female friends, i mean her mums friends like 40 ish. when dropping her off at the airport we were both in tears and coming home that day was the hardest thing ive ever done. I couldnt stop crying knowing she will be away for around 2 weeks. Its been about 5 days now and after two phone calls to her both have ended in tears becuase we miss each other so much,


the only thing is i recieved a text saying she had got back from a club and had a great time and i couldnt help but think greek men were all over her and dancing the night away whle im stuck at home. i think its jealuosly and i do trust her 100percent but i just cant stop thinking about her saying people keep looking at her in her bikini and she was dancing friendly with people in the club, shes everything to me and she always says we will be together forever i no we will but this thought of her with other men is killing me ........ please help im so down at the moment and just need some advice


many thanks look forward to hearing from a good person

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2 weeks will be over before you know it. Just keep busy with things that you enjoy, but normally don't have the time to do while she's around.


As for the men, if you trust her, then trust her. She's allowed to have some fun, and I'm sure you want her to be happy, right? Of course men will look sometimes. It doesn't mean it's a threat to your relationship.

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Teaspoon of cement mate.


If you're serious about each other, it's practically a guarantee you're gonna have to be apart for longer than that at some stage, and being able to deal with that is a neccessity.


Try to distract yourself if you're having trouble, shouldn't be too difficult. Two weeks aint so long.

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I would worry about it, if you trust her then you have nothing to worry about anyway.


The fact she sent that message is a big sign to me that she is faithful to you, wherever she goes in the world she is gonna have exactly the same experiance but if she loves you then you have nothing to worry about.


Shes prob missing you like crazy and was just telling you what it was like going out in another country, if she had anything to hide she wouldnt of sent a text like that anyway.

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