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  1. You need to cut this guy out of your life completely, you will never get over him and move onto someone better as long as you allow him to stay in your world
  2. I've never taken anyone to a job interview in my life, what a ridiculous request for him to make
  3. Absolute nonsense As for the topic, personally I stopped speaking to a good friend of mine years ago when I found out they tried it on with an ex of mine and never bothered with him again, its a line you do not cross
  4. How about break contact with the old non-boyfriend and move on, sounds like you like this new guy...start seeing him instead?
  5. So you cheated with her on someone else and now you are shocked she has done it again? Sounds like Karma to me...
  6. Go to some parties over Christmas, you might meet someone worth being with
  7. I never quite get the whole "she was texting someone else and we sorted it" thing, like it was just brushed under the carpet
  8. You know if she is gonna cheat on you she is gonna cheat on you, alcohol or not
  9. I've been there myself and know exactly how hard it is, when my first love left me after 3 years I was a broken man, took me along time to pick myself up and move on You will get there in the end, time is a great healer and some of us need more than others
  10. Honestly this guy sounds like great fun, you need to relax abit more and enjoy his silliness
  11. I wouldn't hold out hope that you will ever see this girl again and in my experience when they say "I don't want to see other people" thats usually a lie, keep holding on and expect some more heartbreak in the future
  12. Why did you agree to an open relationship and are not kicking off about everything he does? This relationship is ruined and you are both to blame, walk away
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