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friends over reacting much?


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I'm trying to get some ideas on why my friends always 'jump the gun' whenever I seem to like a new girl. Some recent examples:


- I was going to try the cold approach on this girl who works in a computer lab in a few days and last night they kept going on about how "omg tom is going to get a new girlfriend!". keep in my mind I don't know her name, haven't really talked to her, and this will be my first time asking her out.


- I was crushing on a girl (later it turned out i was overreacting) and they kept talking about if I was going to marry her and if I loved her. what?! ok, they were joking for the most part but still asking if I love a girl I'm crushing on or want to ask out is a bit too much.


Are they over reacting in situations like this or is this their way of joking around with me whenever I get a new love interest in my life?

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There is a VERY easy solution to this problem... just don't tell people who you are going to ask out!


I have a similar issue in that every guy I date or introduce to friends and family... well... they think we are going to get married and have babies, etc. It's really sweet and all... but yeesh! Solution? I don't tell anyone. I don't introduce anyone. I simply date until I feel that it is getting kind of serious and THEN when the guy is itching to meet my family & friends, I just warn him about it. LOL! At first they don't believe... but then they meet them and they are suddenly believers. Haha...


They wouldn't bug you if they didn't love you. At least... that's what I tell myself.

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