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Ok I just wana start by saying that i think im bi but im not sure.(look at my user name...) Im a guy, in middle school(8th), Ok so i like this dude and we were in art and we were washing our hands in the sink, cause we just got done with playing with clay in Art. he comes up to me and whispers "I love you" I look at him with 0.0 eyes and he says "just kiding" were not really friends we talk somtimes. I havent told ANYONE that i might be bi.so is there a way to know if hes bi or gay with out him knowing that i am(or might)? when we sat next to each other he would kick my chair and move it. and my other friend in art asked me to hit him cause they were playing around and yea. So i did...he didt say anything or do anything. am i just crazy? i wana know what i should do....im really shy and oh! i wish this stuff was easier!

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