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Friend of friend Facebook add

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Hello all,


Recently someone I have never met before added me as a friend on Facebook. She is a mutual friend of 3 of my friends (one of which I have only met twice, one who is a relatively new friend, and one I haven't seen in like 4 years). Suffice to say I don't know her at all. Is it normal for a friend of friends to add you out of the blue having never met? Just browsing her profile I notice we seem to have common interests. Maybe she is looking for another friend to share those interests? Or is this more something you would do if you had a possible interest in someone?


What do you think?

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It's a normal occurrence for some people to add others they only vaguely know, or even complete strangers. She may just be upping her online friend count, or indeed actually looking to make new friends. It's your call to add her if you feel comfortable though. I've had a couple of requests from people I HATED in high school, why on earth would I want them catching up with me now?! So I declined. I stupidly accepted someone I hadn't met, but we had lots of mutual friends, then he started messaging me and trying to chat me up, ugh. Anyway, up to you Comp Geek.

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