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Vaginal issues..

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I have this smell out of my vagina and it smells bad, like not the womanly smell that I normally would have. I went to a doctor and he told me all I need to do is get some monistat and it should clear....

anyone tried the monistat and it not work for you?


This is tiring because I have been diagnosed with Bacteria Vaginosis and was treated and I was feeling happier than ever! My boyfriend and I had sex with me having no discomfort. Well NOW I feel like its back but the doctor mis diagnosed and it cost me 100.00 dollars from the visit and I feel like he is wrong about what he told me about a yeast infection.


Its got that smell like BV again, I am always kind of wet down there and hate wearing underwear. Sorry if its too descriptive, but this is online so I sourtof have no choice but to be pretty descriptive.


I am in a relationship with a very hard working, sweetest man on earth and I can't have sex with him. I make excuses constantly and don't want to tell him I think I have yeast or Bv AGAIN!


If anybody can shed some light to this situation, it would be MORE than appriciated and I would be very greatful by any insight any of you have on this, men or woman.



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It sounds like you could've gotten a yeast infection from the antibiotics you took for BV. That's normal


I actually was diagnosed maybe 5 to 6 months ago. I have been living

with this for a while. I actually was taking the medication exactly as

directed for the Bv. And then I did get a yeast infection, and then

took one pill for that and was done.


Well iiiiiit's baaaack and stronger than ever. Not even being

detected by my doctor. Sneaky son of a !!! bleeep !!! lol

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Is the smell very strong after sex? is it a fishy smell? how does the discharge look like? My guess is that you probably have BV again and your doctor should have prescribed you "Fluconazole" instead of monistat if you actually have yeast infection. I would get tested if I were you just to be sure which one of these two you have.

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worriedgirl Is the smell very strong after sex? is it a fishy smell? how does the discharge look like?


It does smell during sex, not that I smell but my boyfriend has mentioned

it in the past, however not in the present.

It is fishy with its own twist of raw different. The discharge is white and

sometimes it has a clear look to it but still smells even when it is clear.


aneffigy123 I had a similar several months where I went back and forth between having BV and a yeast infection, and the doctors kept misdiagnosing it. If the Monistat didn't work, it's likely you have BV again. A doctor will need to prescribe antibiotics to clear it up.

Today 03:09 AM


Is it okay to use monistat during a period, just wondering because

mine is right around the corner. And what about buying the stuff,

how embarrassing. I hate my doctor for not prescribing me something.!

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At the drug store, they sell a test that will tell you if it's yeast or bacteria. I can't remember the exact name, but I think it's made by the makers of Vagisil. If it's yeast, I would suggest the 1-day treatment if you use tampons. According to my old gyne, it's okay to use Monistat during your period, but not if you use tampons because you don't want all of the medicine to stay "in," it's important for it to "spread." (without getting too graphic). If it's bacterial, you need antibiotics, which will probably cause a yeast infection because they kill ALL the bacteria, even the good ones that your body needs to keep the pH "down there" right. You might be able to stave one off by eating a lot of yogurt while you're on the antibiotics, though....it works for some people because it puts the enzymes back in your body that the antibiotics are killing off.

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