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Head nod check- would you leave?


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Let's say you're in a relationship with someone and the following facts apply:


He referred to you as "a nice piece of trim" to a third party


He went to a strip club to piss you off


You find out about his pre-relationship sexual history, which includes blacking out while choking a girl during sex, arranging a threesome with his best friend, and admitting he was had sex with so many random "skanks" that he was worried about getting one of them pregnant (i.e. he didn't use protection)


He activated a GPS locator on your cell phone


You have caught him snooping through your email twice and phone once


During an argument, he said he was going to make the breakup as difficult as possible for you and to prepare for war


He left you stranded, drunk, on the Vegas strip with no wallet and no phone.


How fast do you leave him?

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Thanks, all.


We've been married for 4 months and all this stuff happened, or I found out about, since then.


He's away for business for a few months, so I am taking the opportunity to burn rubber. I moved accross country to be with him...we dated for a few months, then went long distance for a while. He hid himself pretty well, and I'll admit there were red flags I chose to ignore or excuse.


The messed up thing is I didn't even write the most horrible crap he's pulled. Sometimes I think it's really affected my judgement, so I wanted to hear what you all would say to the relatively minor offenses.

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