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are boys or girls easier to raise? and some more ?


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just a question out of curiosity...



for parents who have multiple children.


1. how many children do you have?


2. who is easier to raise: boys or girls?


3. If you have 2 or more children what is the easiet and hardest thing about raising them/having that many children?



I ask because I was just discussing with someone how I want 5 boys (as of now, when I am ages away from having children... I know that idea will change over time )


I have always wanted a big family and all boys. I know that this will be close to impossible.. I am not dumb, but it is my ideal family.


I FEAR having a daughter one day. I seriously, get all jittery and worrisome over the thought of having to raise a teenage girl. I just want boys they are so much easier!! (I babysit and work at a daycare so I have a little experience to back up my opinion)



so I am just wondering what you all have to share. thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate it and feel to share any other advice/tid bits you may have. I don't plan on having kids in the future, but I will hold the advice in my mind for future reference

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They have different issues, needs and developmental processes. I would not say one is "easier" than the other, just different. I have one boy but I have been a foster parent to both sexes.Each child is also different so there is no one recipe for how to deal with kids.Just know your child's needs,temperament,strengths and weaknesses and parent on those details.

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As to the question about boys or girls, I do a lot of work with children, even though I haven't had my own yet, but I can say it's either one, depending on what's hard for you. Boys rough-house a lot. They tend to fight with each a lot, with physical fights. They are more rough with the house too.


But girls bicker with each other and are better at lying, and tend to do it more often. Girls play mind games on each other.


For me, boys are easier, because they don't try to hide it when the do something wrong as much as girls do. They fight, I break up the fight, they cool off in separate areas of the house, and it's all over. For some though, that's a really hard thing to deal with.

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I have a son and a daughter and I had no problems in any way at all with either of them. I found them both on the same level and we never had any dramas or issues at any stage of growing up. I think it has a lot to do with ground rules in the home etc - it certainly worked well for us and we have extremely well adjusted, happy, healthy kids with good character, morals and values.

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