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gonna make this short and and to the point. i was getting intimate with my girl and i get a text from my friend asking about something pertaining about money, i chose to ignore it. were about to get to it again and i get another one. that completely takes me out of my mood because A) i get angry and irriatated that i didnt turn my phone off and i actually responded and that he cant leave me alone B) she wants to leave but i insist that its not a problem. I try for the next hour and a half with nothing to show for other than dissapoinment and frustration at myself. she then begins to think that im not attracted to her and that shes not doing good enough. i explain that its not her at all and its a mental block for me and she says ok but i know she thinks otherwise. she left my house in a hurry and i havent heard back from her at all. what can i do to prove to her its not her fault and i wanna make it up to her but i need to get some stuff sorted out. i care about her so much it almost hurts

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Sex is more important than anything else when it is being done. You should learn to cancel out the world while you are getting it on. Women are also much more sensitive to distractions when it comes to sex. It can be something as simple as scratching your nose, and she might immediately be turned off.


I think an apology is one way to start.

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having been the woman in this situation...it rough dude I don't know.


In my mind I knew it was him and not me...but no matter how much I told myself that after a while I started to not feel sexy anymore and I just couldn't do it.


An apology is a good start and if it's only a one time thing I would say if she doesn't forgive you then she isn't much of a catch. I gave my guy a whole month to get over it before I decided it wasn't going to work for me.

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i apologized i just talked to her she knows me so well and she knows that i was really upset at myself and she couldnt be any more understanding. she was a lil frustrated that she couldnt get me excited but i assured her that next time it will be like it always is, which i know it will be. once i set everything right, it will all fall into place

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I'd just make the next time for her awesome.


Physically, I just take steps to make sure the erection itself will not go away easily. Nice little bit of pde-5 inhibition will do the trick. If it still doesn't happen after that, then it wasn't meant to. Otherwise, ditch the cell phone entirely when considering sex. It is liberating to be somewhere where no one is capable of interrupting you or of breaking your train of thought. Just you and her. Gotta keep the negative emotions out of it. The other idea is that seriously, why force erection if it isn't happening. If you don't get there in 5-10 minutes, its an oral only session. I mean, why not? Erections may come when they come. No big deal.


Hit up cunnilingus, manual gspot stimulation, massage. Make it hot and passionate and don't stop to think or get frustrated about anything.


Incredibly enthusiastic oral sex on her part will generally make most men orgasm easily enough. That way she knows you are into it and you wouldn't even need to get fully hard to finish it out.

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