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she kissed me but we broke up! please read!


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i know its alot but please help me!


okay me and my ex still love eachother but i stole a jacket she forgave me and then rumors went around that i said bad stuff about her family, well i showed her the best i could threw friends saying they know i didnt say them and she says she doesnt know what to think about the rum,ors anymore. but just an hr ago i work with her and i helped her and didnt do what i needed to, well she was doing somthing i got in her way said i wanted to talk she said okay i told her how i didnt say the rumors and so on and she said " k whatever i gotta get back to work" i said pleas talk with me 5 mins ( the bosses were gone and dont generally care how long we work.) she said nothing just wanted up. hugged me and started to put her mouth to my neck, then touched my waist and my butt then kissed my neck and then me. naturally i pulled her closer and kissed her back. well we got along and laughed and had fun at work but then at the end of the day ( my step dad is abusive) cals and says hes coming and to be rdy ( my ex is scared * * * * less of my stepdad) and told me that my other ex was getting mad and text her and stuff and my step dad was going to freak out. well me and my ex got a promise we tell eachother everything that we both tend to keep so i told her and she freaked out and hit me and said " i dont want to see u again this is my fault" and that stuff and she doesnt want to see me again. does she want to get back with me or was it just a 1 time thing like all the others? what should i do? she wont get back with me we just happen to kiss every time we hang out or do stuff together (sex) her family hates me and they are #1 to her so im sure she wont get back with me but she still wants to try and be friends. * * * do i do? im so lost. i love her and want her back i cant do the NC thiong. i got her number memorized and i tryed it didnt work more than 2 mins i cant ignore her its impossible. and same for her with me i know for a fact she trys but still replys

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Wow - how old are you guys?


I really have no advice here, I just was hoping you could clarify your thread some......cause its confusing as all hell....who is sadie?


Update your first post and you might get some replies and advice.....

Good Luck

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