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Does unemployment know when you cash your checks?

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I received a letter from unemployment Telephone Interview Notification and Instructions. Its says they are going to ask me questions about: The information you provided about your earnings. What information may have been incorrect or inadequate? Why did you give that information.


This is really freaking me out because I need this money..I have been saving my checks for about a week before cashing them. I'm so nervous and I have to wait 3 days to find out why they are asking these questions...I really need this money.

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Can you call the UI office tomorrow to find out what they want?


Did you not get your last UI check and got a letter instead?


I got my last unemployment check 1 week ago and I mailed out my continued claim form today....So I don't know what happened between that week

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I recall this sort of follow-up interview when I was on Cali unemployment.

It's routine.

But I've been on it for awhile now. it says something about An employer may be contacted for more information if needed...what employer? I have been unemployed for almost 1 year..ugh..

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