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Renting a room

Chris Knows

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Whats up guys?


So, I am traveling about 3 1/2 hours to a friends house on Tuesday night. I don't want to impose on them (Him, his wife and kids) and decided I didn't want to drive back into town that night. (Would be around 2-3 in the morning and would rather sleep then risk it)


I have never rented a hotel room myself. I have always traveled with my parents or when on vacation used time shares.


What all do I need? Do all cheap hotels/motels require a notice BEFORE I arrive or do some of them allow you to check in when you arrive?


I ask because if I leave early, I didn't want to have already spent the money. But if I am feeling tired want to know that I can just choose any place and pay and crash there.


They take all major credit cards correct?


Thanks, Chris

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Most hotels will require you to pay for the night when you make a reservation in advance. As to whether you can just walk in and get a room, it all depends on whether or not they happen to have a vacancy. You do face the chance that they may not be able to accommodate a walk in guest.


Why not ask your friends about what types of hotel/motels are in his area & what his opinion is on whether or not you need make a reservation in advance. If he's not sure, at least get him to give you the names of a few inexpensive hotels & call them to inquire about their peak & slow times.

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You typically need a reservation for a room then if you cancel (i.e. decide to drive home) your card will be charged for the room if you dont give 24 hours cancellation notice.


If you are going to a metropolis, there should be plenty of hotels/motels available. You could always chance it by showing up and grabbing a room.

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