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Guys, this time last year I was 2 months out from my break up and I was in NC. But low and behold I thought I'd reach out to my ex and wish her a Happy Easter. Duh! What a bad idea. I got a generic (in other words I don't care) response back which sent me spiralling in to a summer of complete hell.


So to those in NC thinking about reaching out to their ex for Easter. Do yourselves a favour and DON'T DO IT!!


It will do you no good whatsoever....


This year I'm enjoying Easter so much more. I've moved on from my ex and she is long gone. There is life away from how you are feeling now. I've lived it and I've survived. So say to yourselves, this time next year Easter will be great, I will munch on chocolate all day and not even think about my ex! With strength comes attraction!!!

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Thanks Rob.


Holidays and special events are harder to cope with. I was just thinking, "this time last year..." But that's in the past and his feelings have changed. Those who have left us will probably be annoyed at the contact on a day like today. Thank you for reminding me. I cannot live in the past. Today is a new day and I'm not going to waste my kindness on him.


Instead I wish everyone here a Happy Easter.

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Happy Easter everyone!


You are right, Rob! I just had a weak moment myself. I didn't even want to wish him, I wanted to vent my frustration. But there was a little voice in my head telling me "DON'T DO IT".


It's really..pointless. They have moved on. They don't care. We cannot control their behaviors.

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Thanks, that is refreshing.

I had bad days last week, thursday through saturday. Today I am feeling a lot better...

Getting over a break up is a huge process, NC is seriously the best thing that you can do to heal yourself,

Don't let the holidays, their birthdays, anything break that... because once you do, and you get no response or a generic response it will set you back.


Happy Easter all!! xoxo

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Thanks for the post Rob.


It's been just over 3 months since we last had contact and it was initiated and ended by myself. So she has completely ignored me for over 3 months now. The last time SHE contacted me has probably been 4 or 5 months. Even still, I woke up this morning thinking about texting her happy Easter. I honestly do care and hope she is doing well, but I quickly realized it's ridiculous and your post reinforced it.

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Thanks for your post Rob It's almost 6 months since my break up and I am trying to focus on the future and stop dwelling on the past but it is hard sometimes. About every three or four weeks I get this urge to reach out and contact my ex (which I have felt like doing over the last few days).

Your post really helps me to see that it would be so pointless. All he'll do is feel good that I am doing great now and he'll probably get a boost to know that I am thinking about him which he certainly doesn't need to know!

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You and your healing Rob, you make me jealous.


But it's lovely to know there is light at the other side. I keep thinking about next Christmas and how much better it will (hopefully) be than the last one. Tis the season to be Jolly Tra la la la la.

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