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When does chasing become to much or smothering?


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It depends on the person.


In my experience, mirroring the effort and amount of contact is the best. If you call her once, you wait for her to call you. If you set up a date, you wait for her to set up a date. She can't say you're doing too little or too much effort when she's doing the exact same amount.


True.....lets say I sent her a text last week ask asking her how her week was going, with no response. Then I called her Sunday night and said "Hey whats up, giving you a call, wanted to say hi. If you get a chance give me a call....with no response.


The question is, do I stop? .............................

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you need to look at it from the otherside of the fence...what would you do if a girl contacted you 3-4 times to want to go out. what would you do if a) you are interested b) you are not interested.


That is not what it is, and it is not what you think........


didnt contact them to "go out".....

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