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Orgasm and Notice

MD Geist

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This was something else I've always wondered about sex and based on other threads and postings do people really wanna know when their partner is about to orgasm?


Like do you perfer a notice of some type wheither it be a verbal notice like "here I cum" or a simple squeeze of the hand from your partner or to cominicate with your partner that you are about to finish?




Do you prefer for them to have their orgasm unannounced and allow it to just happen?

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Well, when you're doing a girl, you'll know when she orgasms. It's like being just on the outside of a baseball park and knowing when the home team scores a home run.


The only other thing to keep in mind is, while a man comes once and he's done as dinner, a woman can go for three, four, maybe five or more climaxes in one......well, I'll go with "session".


Basically, I just try and get her off at least twice before I focus on my own pleasure. In the meantime, I try to temper my feelings with really unsexy thoughts, just to pace myself.

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I'm able to tell with my boyfriend, even without him telling me. I'm pretty sure he's able to tell with me as well. With him, he starts jackhammering me like a 15 year old boy, going extremely fast, which I hate! I always tell him to slow down, which sometimes makes him lose it! Whoops...but he keeps a nice pace the whole time, so when he's going much faster, I know he's close.


Other guys I've been with have had the similar tells as well. Like loud breathing, faster pace, throwing their head back.


Sex is all about reading your partner. If you can't tell, then you need to pay more attention! But like capricorn said, unless it's a matter of where on the body, I don't need an announcement of it.

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If me and a partner are having penetration sex, then no, there's no need to tell me.

However, since I don't like to swallow, I'd appreciate a warning when I'm giving a blow job.

And even though I'm not crying out when I'm orgasming, my partner can usually tell...my breathing speeds up at least, it's a tell-tale sign.

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