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How can I turn an acquaintance into a date?


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Okay, I have this friend/acquaintance I know through a class I had with her a couple years ago. We are friends on facebook, and on AIM...we talk once in a blue moon, but nothing more. If we see each other on campus we say hi as well. (which we no longer bump into each other on campus) Everytime I try to talk to her on AIM, she is usually busy so our converstations dont go very far which I understand. Is there any way I can turn this into a date eventually? I do not like the idea of just asking to hangout over AIM, but I dont have her number or anything. So I think my best situation may be to just ask her if she'd like to hang out and catch up over lunch and talk since we're usually pretty busy when we try to talk online.


Any other suggestions? My biggest fear is that Im going to come on too strong and creepy when we dont really talk that much, but maybe Im thinking too much of it.




A little more detail if it helps


I've known her for almost 5 years and we ran into eachother last year and we talked for about 15 or 20 min and for the next five or so months we might run into each other and talk for a few min every few weeks or so...so I dont know if acquaintance is the right term, i know what shes doing with her career and she knows what im doing with my career and how things are going...the reason is ive always been a little interested in her; I know she is a very sponataneous and outgoing girl who is fun to talk to. so she is someone id like to get to know better. I never persued when we had our class because I dropped that class and it was the first time in my life I couldnt do math (of course someone forgot to tell me I should have had calc1 before taking that class), so its always been a person Im friendly with, but never hung out with or knew too much. Last november I broke up with my gf of three years and I think im ready to start dating again. While I was with my gf we would randomly facebook each other or talk on AIM, just a hey how are you, havent talked to you in a while.


So thats why...its not a total whim, its someone who Ive always had a little bit of interest in and would like to get to know more

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I think that you have three options; (1) Ask for her number on AIM; (2) Ask her out on AIM; (3) Wait until you see her in person.


Personally, I wouldnt ask her out over AIM, it can be too impersonal. I would either get her number via AIM that way you have access to her and you can initiate contact in a more personal matter.

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