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What do you do with mixed messages eh? Part of me reckons that if someone is sending you mixed signals it means they are confused about what they want, and so it is not really a great sign?


I read "He's just not that into you." which strongly makes this point. If someone really likes you then they wont play games. Is there really such a thing of being scared of falling for someone or is that an excuse that nice people use when they don't want to hurt the person that likes them?


He always says how we are best friends, which twists the knife sometimes but Im also so happy to have that title because he is my best friend also! I do think he likes me more than that but gets confused I dont know.


He reads the riot act about how he doesnt want a girlfriend because women leave and its too much of a risk blah blah...He backs off, we hang out as just friends, but we are so comfortable we will cuddle and hold hands and playfight all the time! He says he wants to take me stargazing one night (I mean, thats not something he would take a guy friend to do..that just seems romantic to me.)


Yesterday we were chatting online and messing about on urbandictionary. I made a joke about how we shoulod find a funny word to describe the other person and buy eachother the printed mugs with a definition as a funny gift. He startled me because I was thinking funny geeky jokey stuff and he went and put.


"This one would be for you...


"Someone or something so beautiful and perfect you can't believe how lucky you are."


Talk about mixed signals!! It did make me melt a bit but at the same time I get frustrated! I dont know if Im coming or going. I dont know if he keeps me hanging like this because he doesnt know what he wants or if he likes the attention he gets from me. Or if he genuinely just wants to be best friends, which is fine to be honest..though Im at the point where I would get crazy jealous if he were with someone else!


Gaaahhh..So basically yeah..What do you guys think of mixed signals in general? Have you got any stories of mixed signals being used for better or for worse? Have you ever given off mixed signals and how were you feeling at the time?


Id quite like any responses to be general, and not necessarily about my personal story, but about mixed signals



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The mixed signals started after we called time on our "relationship"...See, we started seeing eachother for a few months until recently because we had a silly argument and when we spoke about it the next day we both said we feel we have abandoned our friendship and that it needs work.


Also, because he is very much of the anti-relationship in general state of mind, I backed off because I didnt want to get hurt. I told him if he is just after sex I'm the wrong girl. He got offended when I said that and said the only way he can prove im more to him than that is if we call time on that side of things.


Thing is, I know he likes me, we are best friends..I honestly dont believe he would want to mess me around and I honestly believe him when he says that I mean a lot to him etc.


I think maybe he likes me but is scared that it will mess things up if we take it further. Or maybe he just doesnt like me enough?


This is why its so confusing. He knows how I feel, he's even said in the past that he loves me, but same again..as a friend or more Im uncertain! Also he said when we called time on our physical relationship that if it were any other girl it wouldnt mean anything, that Im too much of a risk bla bla..but again this could just be excuses!


Just when I start to settle with the idea of just being friends he says or does something to hook me back in! Like last night he was like


"I would give you the world if I could.."


*swoon*...I know it sounds playerish but I know hes not a player!

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