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Working around women...


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So I work in a mall, which consists of 95% women at all times. however I've noticed quite a few things over the past 3 years i've been doing this. I have not had 1 attractive woman approach me during these 3 years. In fact, I almost feel as if im in a messed up movie of some sort. I sit there all day and see very very attractive women approach other men who honestly arent on my level. There is a few guys who just seem to always have women approaching them every single day. I see a pretty girl, 20 minutes later shes giving this same guy her number. These guys would probably take home 4-5 numbers on a weekend. I have not had a simple conversation with a female (non-customer/worker) the whole 3 years ive been working there. All these guys getting so lucky with women just seem soo, average...dull.


There was a women who worked there I found very attractive. In fact I ran into her a couple of times and talked to her because I use to know all of her friends. However just like the rest she decided to go after the typical 2 guys, and constantly complained because they would never follow through with dates, because they were too busy with their girlfriends. I offered some coffee (because I was going there anyway). She was insulted and we never spoke again. Lol


Usually I wouldnt even pay attention, until co-workers bring it to my attention that Im better looking than these guys, and ask why I dont ever have women approaching me, and if Im gay or not. It makes me question a few things. Do I look gay? what are the variables. My past GF was "hot", a perfect 10, same with the EX before that. However what has changed since then? Have I racked up my long list of EX's, and now thats it? I now have more money, confidence, experience, common sense, and im happier that I can live alone and occupy 100% of my time with ME.


Is it purely physical attraction now with women? There are no variables. Thousands apon thousands of women, all seem to flock to the same guys. I probably work in the most women rich mating grounds possible, yet nothing.


Knowing that in my past none of these women would ever stand a chance with me, I put this to the test. Instead of minding my own work, I got out of my comfort zone, and said hello or smiled to every attractive woman that walked past me. Not in a creepy way, but in a "hello" kind of way. The same guy who out of his friends was always the first to get a number, is getting shot down, consistently...harshly.


Now my co-worker (black guy) who is a little more muscular, but about a foot shorter decides to try it, but he adds more of a personal touch. "daaaymm! guurl" Bam, instant smile, and wink.


Could times be changing? Hearing from my EX, all of her friends all sleep with a different guy a night. I know my EX has a different guy every couple of days. But why not the laid back guy focusing on other things in life? Does someone need to actually drop down to a "sleeze ball" level now to get anywhere?

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Well..if you are focusing on your ex girlfriend being a "10" - are you only looking at the girls now that are a "10" and not noticing the girls right in front of your face who have good personalities, etc, but may not be quite a "10" by your standards? There could be a gal who is an "7" or "8" but is more of the "whole package" than your ex was because she is not sleeping with a different guy every night and is compatible with you....


It is not about just the looks of a guy. Does he seem approachable?


You say:

Knowing that in my past none of these women would ever stand a chance with me


That comes off as a little conceited. Either you think you are God's Gift to Women or that most gals aren't up to your standards. Believe me, women pick up on it when you look down your nose at them or that you think you are at some sort of higher level or are honoring them with your attention.


I think some of the other guys may be more successful because they are not fixated on one girl, but treat them all equally. They may smile and wink at the hot smokin' girl but they also give a wink and a smile to other gals too and it makes them feel good about themselves (and besides, what's a 10 in your eyes might be different in theres), so later on girls who are available and on the more confident side might come back for more. As far as his actual words he uses - it might come off as somewhat humorous to the girls and fits his personality perhaps so it "works" but might not work for you.


Also, some girls who work with you rule you out because they don't date coworkers, so consider that as well.

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