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How should I act towards her?

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Okay there was this chick that I liked and still like her alot. Last I heard from her was about a 3 weeks ago when we set up a date for next month. After that I text'd her saying I can't wait and she didn't respond back. So I decided to stop contacting her and she didn't even bother contacting me. So I am dating someone else but I like the other chick for some reason. All of a sudden now she is supposedly dating someone else also and it sucks hearing about them through my friends. She even posts everything on myspace about their date which I'm assuming shes trying real hard to get me jealous and it is working. I'm about to go to my best friends birthday bash next week and i already know she's going to be there and I still want to date her but the communication isn't there.


Should I just play everything casual with her meaning just say Hi with a smile and act like I don't like her? Or should I just ask her what happened and see if I could make it work with her? I haven't done anything wrong to her either

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