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New Moms?!


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Ok.. sooooo I'm 18 and my best friend is 21. She recently found out she was pregnant and she's having the baby. Naturally, I am excited for her and I love babies myself so it's a good thing.


But I feel like I'm losing my best friend. She's young and going to be a mom in 7 months. I feel like the baby will completely eat up all her time and we will never have girls night's like we did before (I've been hanging out with her a lot lately to make up for all the lost time after she gives birth haha).


Anyone have experience with this? We've been best friends for 11 years and I love her and really hope she'll still have time for me after the baby!

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You won't lose your best friend. She will just be a bit more busier than usual... She is going through a life changing experience right now. It is good to be happy for her... You should always show your support by being there for her from helping her around the house while she's pregnant, to being in the hospital room when the baby is born, to even babysit with her from time to time.


Just think of the baby as your new best friend.

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You won't lose her.


I know what you are going through, my best friend of 7 years had her baby girl last year. I mean, realistically you have to realize things will never be quiet the same again. You can't just pack up and take a road trip or go out for drinks whenever. And doing anything you use to do is no simple task anymore, like shopping. But you get use to it. My best friend and I have our shopping routine down to a science. Once we get out she pops the trunk and grabs the stroller, I grab the carseat out of the car and stick it in the stroller. Team effort lol.


You learn to adjust though, and I remember those first few weeks after my niece was born she and I really didn't talk all that much. She had a newborn baby, it takes up a lot of your time. But I was patient and yeah, I missed my best friend and talking to her but I knew she would be there when she got into mommy routine.


You can still go over and hang out with her. Only difference now is the baby. We still do everythng we use to (to some degree), just my niece is there. And that is the best part of all. You get the wonderful gift of becoming an aunt, and it's great.

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I agree, you'll have to adjust, the baby will suck up all the energy and time from her. But after few months especially when her baby starts sleeping through the night and get more rest I'm sure you guys will be able to hang out and do things together.

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