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Would i be judged?


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I'd worry more about the strain on you; two infants would be extremely challenging work.

And honestly, some people may judge because of your age if you were to have more; you're in your very early twenties, and two children may seem like too much, too soon.

And you would know by continuing to use contraception during sex even though you are breastfeeding; you can get pregnant again theoretically as soon as you've given birth, yet a common misconception is that you don't while breastfeeding or for a certain amount of time.

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yeah, no i know that you can most definitely get pregnant when you're still breastfeeding... I wasnt really asking whether or not i would get pregnant, i'm fully aware it is a possibility although maybe not very likely, i just wanted to know if i would be judged for it. And thanks for your opinion... it is clear to me now that i would be judged. Everything i do i get judged for i guess.

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Why would you care if they did?


It's none of their damn business. Oh, sure, some of them will still formulate an opinion ("judgment") on it....they have a right to. People form opinions on things that are none of their business or that they know nothing about all the time.


You have an equal and opposite right to ignore them. I'd suggest you use it.

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Yes, you will be judged. People are going to say "You guys sure didn't waste any time..." blah blah BLAHHH.


The question is if you care what they say, and it seems you do. But remember, people may judge you whether its for getting pregnant again so soon, or for another reason, or another... People suck.

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