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unexpectedly falling for your longtime/close friend success stories

big greg

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Well, my bf and I were "online friends" for like, 3 years, and never met up because he was firstly the friend of my now ex-bf, and we both didn't think it was appropriate to meet up even as friends, while I was still dating my ex. My ex never bothered to introduce me formally, as his gf, though we dated for 3 years.


My bf and I never even exchanged phone numbers back then. We'd only chat in online games and via MSN. It wasn't until I was dealing with a break-up with my ex that he gave me his number and said I could call or text if I needed him. We finally did meet up, about 2-3 months after the break and did started dating within the year.


I do believe love can blossom between long time friends. Good friendship is the basis of any good relationship, I feel.

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