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argg how do i respond ? DO i respond????


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I went out last night with a new person i am seeing. I ended up forgetting my phone at home and just went to a party .


we had a good time and slept at a friends house. This morning i got 4 missed alerts from the ex (who didnt want me to contact him anymore but has been reaching out to me) ;



1 32 : where are you?

1 38: where are yoouu?????

1 56 : missed call

2 25 : missed call



I know he was drinking but its the first time hes ever dialed me like this since dropping me. and i dont know if it means anything at all?


im just not sure if i should call him back, txt him back, or not do anything? i miss him alot still and i want us to be together again but if hes messing with me i cant wreck my healing process.](*,)


what do i do ??

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He didn't want you to contact him any more. If he's been reaching out to you when he's been drinking, you would do well to remember the old maxim: "If you ain't done it sober, you ain't done it".


If you contact him now, it won't be long before he doesn't want you to contact him any more.


You've already proved to yourself that you can go out and have a good time with other people - this is a crucial bit of the healing process - so, for yourself, don't jeopardise it for the sake of a few drunken calls. Don't do anything, just carry on with your life.


Good luck!

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