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Eating Disorders Anonymous: Philadelphia


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I hope it is kosher for me to post this, if not, admins please feel free to message me! Here's the scoop. A good friend of mine and myself have started a Philadelphia chapter of Eating Disorders Anonymous (which is nationally affiliated, much like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous). Right now we have meetings on Thursday evenings, but we will soon be adding Sunday afternoons as well. We are looking for a base of individuals to come to the meetings and share their experience, hope and support with others who are going through a similar struggle. I do not attend Thursday meetings as my friend is really heading them up, but I will be at all Sunday meetings and will be in charge of running them for the most part. Our website is link removed and our e-mail is email removed. If you have FB, our FB page is: link removed. If you private message me, I would be happy to discuss the group with you. Please, even if you do not have an eating disorder, share this with ANYONE who you believe could utilize the group. I know as someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for ten years and is now recovering from it, a free of cost group is a wonderful supplement to all of the other therapies that can cost SO much. This is not an advertisement...I simply hope to get the word out that this group is available to those who can use it Thank you!!

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