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I thought love was suposed to be beautiful. Help...anyone?


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My best friend, who's the only thing I care about in the world, said she was in love with me recently, and it felt better than anything I've ever felt, but 3 days ago she took it back, and now she's in love with someone else, it feels like I'm being consumed from the inside out, I can't take it anymore. Can anyone tell me what pills will kill me the fastest?

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She's the only thing that matters to me, I've being in love with her since I met her...


You can't pin all your happiness in life to one person. It doesn't work very well because you have no control over your own destiny. I can understand you love her very much but you have to look outside of that love in addition.

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Everyone has more than one person in the world they could get on with, become companions with, be attracted to. The whole 'there is only one person' is a load of codswollop. You love her because she is so very familiar to you. Yeh she is probably a great person and you are attracted to her, but you know her so well, she is very familiar and comfortable. But she is a good friend of yours and she has really mucked you about which is kinda cruel.


I totally agree with the other posters about not laying all your happiness in one person. I loved someone and they died tragically and I was left so empty because I forgot to have a life when I was with him. I have also been dumped and hurt and felt the pain even more because I forgot to have a life outside my relationship. This is why I'm so mental on doing my own thing and having our own lives in my relationship now, which my BF doesnt always understand. I would chalk this up as experience and learn from it. But I am very sorry that you have been hurt in this way..

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