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why does liking a girl always have to be painful?


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so i have a crush on this girl, and this other guy wants her too, nd he has more game than me, actually hes player...., and i was studying after skool, and as soon as i walk out of the skool library, i see them flirting with eachother...i hate it so much, i wish i could never actually really have feelings for girls...y does actually liking a girl feel painful?

...i kno it sounds stupid but i hate that feeling

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I know how you feel bro. Been there done that. It killed me big time, there was a series of unfortunate events that occurred in my situation. My situation happened this past summer.


Try not to let it get the best of you, thats all I could say and try not to think of it much. Trust me on this, because I let it get to me and well it hurt much more then it should of. Now I'm over her, well I was. But now my mind is starting to wanted with one of my closest friends and thinking that things are happening between him and her, even though I know nothing is happening or at least I think nothing is happening, it still kills a little bit inside. You will find that special somone one day.

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Yeah I have had this happen to me a ton, actually kinda happening right now. Just have to stop thinking about both of them, focus your mind on other thing. Just ask her out out of the blue, if she says no, it will suck, but you will get over her a lot faster.


This is a lot easier said than done, but its the only advice I have

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I think instead of lamenting over the fact that another guy is flirting with a girl that you have a crush on (which you have absolutely no control over) you should make a move. Who cares if he has more "game" than you. "Game" has little to do with anything if she has an interest in you.


You have to remember that as far as dating goes "fortune favors the brave". I say you make your move and if she doesnt respond positively then you just move on to the next one.

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Oh and don't ASK her out to lunch. If you meet her, "Come with me, I'll show you something. I'm just gonna grab a bite while we are at it".

If you text her "I can't figure this out. You see, I was planning on buying some new clothes but I think I need a girl's help with this. Why don't you tag along and you could be my personal assistant for today. The position will only be open for so long."

She answers

"Ok, meet me at blablabla diner and we can grab a bite first, I'm starving."

If you call her, have a normal conversation then transition it into telling her a story that leads to why you are buying what you are buying and then repeat the line from the text. It doesn't have to be clothes by the way.

I have a personal favorite which is my hair. I have it done differently often just to have an excuse for a girl to come help me with something and it gets them home to my place. Right now it's cut short and dyed so I guess it will take some growing until next time.


If it does not work out with this one: GFTOW - Go "find" ten other women.

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