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Much asked question but I need some advice please.

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Hi guys/girls,



I am a bit new here but I would really appreciate your advice. My problem is I don't know if I am gay, straight or bi


I am 24 years old and I have never had a serious relationship and when I do have a relationship it usually last only for a week, my dad was a cop and was killed before I was even 2 years old, my mom raised me alone, and I really had no older males in my life while growing up only my mom.


One of the guys when I was still at school told a couple of girls I am gay and then at varsity one of the girls asked me if I am gay... Since then its been bothering me, am I gay cause why do everyone else think so


I think, I am believing what everyone else is saying, even when I am with girls I think, do they know I am gay or maybe think I am gay as well.


I have also thought about maybe looking at gay porn or tried to think about 2 guys having sex and no offence but I think its very gross Sometimes though I have thought about kissing another guy and lately when watching porn I will get that feeling that I want to lick my lips if they shown a guys penis while having sex with a girl. BUT AGAIN thinking about doing something like that now is a bit disturbing.


Searching google for "how did you know you were gay" most guys said they knew at a very young age between 10 and 15. I on the other hand looked at girls and even thought about having sex with a lot of the girls in school. I am so confused about my sexual orientation that I don't even have any sexual feelings anymore towards either girls or guys.




I am so confused! I am even contemplating going to a gay club just to see what happens.

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Hey man! Sounds like you're straight You're only gay if you like men in a romantic/sexual way. The fact that you don't seem to appreciate women anymore may be some form of depression?


Don't let people define you by a label. It's a recurrent topic here, labels describe you, they don't define you. You do what feels right.


If you feel like going to a gay club, then go for it, if it's not your thing, then don't - it's that simple!

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i agree with chief you sound like ur stright, but if people start to tell you things they can start to put doubts in your head. just because other people think u may be gay doesnt mean you are, i know a few guys who the entire school thinks are gay other than A FEW PEOPLE and they are not gay .

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You're straight dude, congratulations, I'm jealous...Anyway I knew I was gay since I was 4, but I'm still closeted about it. I know they say sexuality isn't black and white, but based on what I've experienced, if you were like me you'd definitely be greatly aroused by just looking at a "hot" guy, if you're not then I think it's safe to say that you are mostly, if not entirely, straight. Perhaps you need to work on your confidence a bit, that can definitely detract from your sex drive. Oddly enough I have noticed I am slightly attracted to girls when I feel more confident about myself...guys still do it for me all the time though.

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