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So my last girlfriend, love of my life and the woman i wanted to eventualy have my children with. Well that ended, I dont hate her at all. It just wasnt our time. That was 6 or 7 months ago.


Since then on two separate occasions while having drinks with my buds at a bar i've had 2 women literaly force them selvs onto me. Casual drunken idle chat then they were all over me. I've never been one to have casual sex, it's not really my thing. Both those times i ended up going home with those girls, didn't dip my wick but shared a bed. It felt so empty laying with them, like it doesnt mean a thing to me at all. I'm not used to that at all, dont really know how to deal with those situations or that type of woman for that matter. These girls wernt ugly and like any other 20 year old guy i have sexual desires, i just couldnt bring my self to letting either of those girls have a piece of me. I'm maybe 70% over my ex and i'm sure thats part of the reason for not doing much with those girls.


I hear from lots of my friends and even people on here that sex is often the make it or break it of relationships. Getting older now as i leave more and more of my innocence behind me, it's starting to feel like sex is how a majority of people weigh their relationships. This is all relativly new for me just trying to figure things out and get my thoughts straight.

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i feel exactly the same. I simply can't spend time and put effort into someone i don't care about.

it takes longer, we don't go out with as many people as others do - but we find ones we care for. just don't get pessimistic.


I personally don't even bother with girls in bars. I have never met one i liked in the least.

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