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Help I need to get our 'spark' back!!!

I am meeting my boyfriend/exboyfriend for coffee on sunday. We broke up only a week ago because he felt we lost the emotional connection and we had communication problems that contributed


Anyone have any advice how to make this coffee date go well? I dont want there to be any awkward silence. We really have a lot of chemistry and history.


GUYS - is there anything you would like a girl to talk about...consider we dated for 2 years so this isnt a first date thing.

I know of plenty of things to get the spark back while in a relationship to bring back the excitement, but for a simple coffee date where we are taking things SLOW what do i do?


Oh and physical attraction for either of us is NOT a problem at all

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It takes alot of patience and work hun and most importantly it takes both people wanting to. If your the only one trying to bring it back just to get him back, it wont work that way. First off tell him your feelings for him in as sincere of a voice as you can and tell him, if he is willing, your willing to work hard to bring the spark back. It honestly can be done! Key to winning someones heart all over again is showing them the reasons and being the person you were in the first place. THe fun spirited, fun loving affectionate, supportive person. The laughs, the jokes, the flirting. Etc. Problem is most people get so comfortable and forget these things. People assume that since they have already won the persons heart over, they no longer have to try. Well this is not the case cause it will always lead to failure for someone who thinks this way. Just have fun and try not to worry so much about losing him. Value the fact that he is willing to meet up with you. The following website helped me through some tough times. Check it out. It has some articles about bringing the spark back.


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