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Tell me your dream!


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Its ironic, I haven't had a dream for months that i've remembered to be honest. BUT last night I actually did and I'm going to share that with you lol.


I dream't that I was inside this kind of cottage type place and I was looking through the back window where there appeared to be some sort of green landscape (no houses, just countryside) and the whole dream had like a blue shade to it and it was kinda dark (although not completely).


The next thing I remember I turned 180 degree's and there was this massive tidal wave coming straight over the house from the coastline out of the sea. I remember the sound (in my head) of the waves crashing down around the house and seeing all the water engulfing the house. Strangely enough, I didn't feel at all scared and the water passed straight over... Then, sadly I woke up because I would have gone for a walk around the landscape lol.


I was the only person in the dream and nothing else around me other than this virtually empty cottage type building lol.


Well, that's mine lol.

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Ooo, I keep a dream journal and I just wrote down a really weird one...it starts off kind of gross!


At first I was doing plastic surgery on my own arm to make it look smaller--I was cutting all the way up from my wrist to my shoulder, and tearing off a chunk of skin and stitching my arm up (kind of like a face lift). I remembered my friend's husband wanted smaller-looking arms, so I called him and asked him to come over so we could do it together.


He did come over, and in the middle of our little plastic surgery adventures, we suddenly landed on the deck of a large ship, and a crowd of people was passing us in a huge commotion. We got up and followed them, and they were all watching a lighthouse that was in the distance. There were about a thousand balloons floating out of the lighthouse, and I heard someone say it was going to blow up. Sure enough, after watching the balloons for a second, the lighthouse just exploded. Then 3 or 4 battleships emerged from the water and started shooting cannons at the crowd of people, and everyone was cheering.


In the middle of all of this, I thought I should call my boyfriend and tell him what was happening--so I went back to where I was sitting before I followed the crowd of people, so I could grab my phone...and when I got there, my phone had turned into butter and it was melting.


Gosh, dreams are strange...and I typed this out just as I was getting ready for bed, so now I'm sure I'll have more crazy dreams. Haha.

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Interesting dream, pinkrobot. I get lighthouses in my dreams sometimes. And as I was reading yours and you were going for your phone to call your boyfriend, I was already guessing he could not be reached. Inability to reach others happens to me in my dreams, too. Ever have one where you want to fly and can't get off the ground?


Last night I had a really interesting dream, too. I was sitting in a booth with others like at a restaurant. A friend of mine approached and was introducing me to a woman she knew. The person then squeezed into the booth and cozied right up next to me. She seemed bright and attentive with kind, sweet eyes. She also seemed a wee-bit insecure perhaps (which I would not hold against her, anyway -- just an observation I recall). She was very comfortable and secure with me. She wasn't smashingly beautiful like a magazine model, but she was very adorable & sexy in her own way. She had wonderful energy and I was attracted to her. She also seemed equivalently comfortable with me. On the other side of the booth was some other person who spoke to the new person cozied next to me about something they evidently had in common. The person on the other side of the booth popped-out false teeth, revealing she had no real teeth. The person next to me did the same, letting fall out of her mouth some false teeth. But the person cozied next to me's dentures were actually hiding some very real teeth - some really big teeth (like cartoon big). Whatever the case, there was something seriously malformed about the real teeth she had. So I was taken aback for a quick second by all of this. But the second passed and I remained as interested and as flattered as ever to be cozied-up with this person in a partner-like fashion.


I awoke feeling quite nice - that sort of feeling of comfort and ease which comes from true love and sincere, assured attraction. The warmth of the mutual attraction I felt in my dream hung around me all day like a nice, warm blanket.


Thinking about this dream today ... Something inside of me liking her regardless of her teeth is what seems to keep sticking with me. And/yet it feels like something well beyond acceptance of someone's "shortcoming". It was more like a seeing beyond the shortcoming to more important things.

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Every tried lucid dreaming Bella?


That's where you take control of your dreams and can change anything about it right?

I do this every single time i catch myself dreaming, which is usually every other night i like to make myself fly but lately ive been having a problem.

this is the case for every dream ive been having for as far back as maybe a month? two? not exactly sure

If i ever have a dream where im being chased or have to fight or run or jump, its like my body gets heavy, and the weirdest thing is i can feel it. when i try to fight or run or jump no matter how hard i try, if i defend myself, my kicks or punches are slow and heavy and do nothing, same thing on opening doors, it feels like when you try to fight in the water, the end result is slow, and you feel slow. like when i try to run, i can run but it feels like gravity just quadrupled and i can barely walk

i get frustrated and usually just end up waking up out of anger


Can anyone help me out with this? ive been thinking maybe i have something on my mind bogging me down? ive tried to think on it but no dice


help would be appreciated, i usually wake up angry for about an hour

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why are you angry? Its just a dream...


So a couple of beginning first steps to lucid dreaming you have already mastered... (well you have to have if you're doing it every other night)


The problem you mentioned above is what is called a Dream Signs. They are simple hints/cues that you are in a dream.


Very common ones are:


inability to run

inability to scream

teeth falling out

being naked

someone being somewhere where its impossible for them to be


Keep a dream journal... Put a book next to your bed with a pen on it... when you wake up in the middle of the night, write down every detail you can remember... do the same in the morning...


The more you do this, the more likely you will start to recognize your reoccurring "dream signs" while you are awake. This will in turn help you recognize them when you are dreaming...


When you recognize it in a dream, you can say to yourself that this isn't actually happening and I don't like it. SO CHANGE IT!


A little nerdy... but when I Lucid dream, I make reference to the matrix... I can bend the spoon because I know its not really there... I can jump accross the building or fly because gravity isn't there... Holy crap a monster is coming at me... I know there's a shotgun behind me because I want it to be there... holy crap there's a shotgun behind me...


Too much fun...

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I have had one dream where 6 black horsemen are asking me to take my rightful place upon the seven black horse so that we can bring in the prophecy of Armegeddon, and I am telling them I need more time, that there is still goodness left in this plane, and that I must seek it out and save it before I do such a thing.


I've been to a rather heavenly place, seen my PAGE in St. Peter's book [each of my existances was on that page, some long, some short, some in black, some in red - the red ones would be lives of deficiet, the black would be lives of gain...] there were three old angels resting by playing frisbee with each other...with their halos, like three young college kids...And I went along to the rougher clouds to the left, where I was met by another angel with intermixed brown/barelywhite wings like my own, another young angel; we found a blue baby in the clouds and I told this friend "I got it" like this was my soul to save.


I like the flying dreams the msot, of which there are many. I was flying two nights ago. And it was nice, I just decided as I walked along that I wanted to fly - and fly I did!!!


Once when I was breaking up with my ex I had a dream that the mother [her] was off in a dark bedroom, passed out, and a child was beseeching me in a rather condeming manner. And on the floor of the yellow orange living room carpet lay the shards of a green glass lampshade, with the cord stoll attached to the wall, the light bulb shattered.


And the crying baby, I've heard that one before when I was really really young - there's a baby crying, and I can't find it.


And I had one dream long ago where I was running away form the evill woodcutter [my father] and his evil wife [my mother] who were getting rid of their children with an axe and dumping them in a ditch. I escaped, though they gave chase; I ran through a sandy marsh, running one way, then doubling back on my footsteps and jumping to the side, effectively escaping from that place forever...wheeh...


I have had the ecstasy dream, which is all I can describe it, a couple of times. Just imagine fireworks and glitter and lots of sparkling pastellish lights and a profound feeling of great happiness. That was a great dream, though it's been years since I've had it.

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oooo, and another favorite...So I come to this yellow tower, dressed in full armor and sword, with a staircase winding up one side, and it is inhabited by three witches dressed like princesses. I run up the stairs and run into the first witch on the first landing, pressed in pink, who duels me with her wand; I smash her wand and then slay her, turning her into a cloud of powder. I then run up the staris further until I come to the roof of the tower, perhpas about thrity feet tall in all. here I meet the yellow witch and the light blue witch. the light blue witch advances on me and we engage in a horrific battle, in which it is jsut impossible for me to get the upper hand. I fianlly battle her over to the wall and simply push her over the edge, upon which she plumets to the earth far below. I now turn to the yellow witch/princess,a nd charge her, bringing my sword back for a super power slash. But I look at her eyes and I see tears, and a sadness that makes me lose my nerve just as I come up on her, and I spare her, throwing my arm down and giving a grunt of protest. Then I get a bit concerned about the blue witch, and I look down the battlement to her, eventually climbing out to the huge cottonwood tree to get down to her. And then I jump, and surprise surprise, I make it to the ground instead of waking up. That's becasue I mastered the aret of Falling!!! And finally the whole day ends with me going to the coutny fair where there are huge groups of knights in differnet colored groups, all watching demolition derby..har har...

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Last night I had the weirdest, freakiest dream I ever had. Glad I found this post! Beware, it's random!


I was with my brother and we were on a trip somewhere for some kind of swimming/diving event (we both did swimming in high school). We were in the pool at night. But it seemed like most people were just goofing off, relaxing, doing cannonballs, etc. For some reason, when it was my turn to dive, I wanted my appearance to look really flashy. I was wearing stilettos and some weird costume over my bathing suit as I got on the diving platform. Lots of people were watching but I didn't know what they were saying.


I took off my costume right before I dove it. I did a pretty standard racing dive but from a really high platform, which is weird. I guess I was the last person to go because everyone packed stuff up after I went. I vaguely remember coaches and such people looking like they were standing on water.


I changed into normal clothes and was looking for my stilettos. The locker room looked more like a storage closet. Then some guy came in with a tray of drinks and offered me lemon coffee or strawberry coffee. He introduced himself as Joe. I took lemon coffee and told him I was looking for some heeled shoes. He pulled something out of a package and started waving it around like a metal detector wand. I followed him but found my shoes on my own. I thanked him and left.


I went out of a door which led to a huge room which looked like a shopping mall or airport. In the dream, I expected to be at an airport. There were shops but what also looked like offices. People working at computers in cubicles. There were huge digital clocks that said 12:14 or something. I found it odd to be in a place where people worked office and retail jobs past midnight.


I was separated from everyone else and knew I had to go to my airport terminal. I ended up outside wandering around, quite hopelessly lost. I had some kind of brochure of the place I was at, but it didn't help much.


I wandered upon some kind of construction site and found a dog that I could talk to. In the dream, this dog was somehow familiar to me and I felt I could trust him. I asked him to lead me back to my group. He said yes and we started walking together.


We walked for only a bit when the dog said something was following us and he took off running. I ran after him but he was much faster than me. He started zigzagging and running through tight crevices in the construction area, saying it would catch up to us if we didn't change direction.


I kept trying to follow him and became increasingly scared because he would run between two concrete walls that I could barely squeeze through. Soon I was stuck and couldn't move, I was horrified. I looked back to see what was chasing me and it was a floating head that looked like a flat, two dimensional pen drawing on white paper. It was really cartoony looking and had a weird grimace or leering expression. It floated between the walls like they weren't there, and I just became more terrified as it got closer to me.


That's the last I remember before waking up.

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I have also seen my city nuked twice. This first time I was with the local bas, working with an evacuation, and then getting my rear out of there with enough time to see the mushroom cloud before it took me out too...


And the second time I'm in my bed, I awake to sirens, I look out the window to see an orange mushroomcloud expanding over the local base. I recognize what it is, then relax and let myself be at peace and return to sleep - nothing I can do to outrun it!!!


I shouldn't have those dreams anymore!

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What's really fun is when you put the revolver to the face of the beast and pull the trigger and the gun REALLY DOES go BANG BANG BANG!!!!


It seems having real ammunition in the chambers has been a problem for me, on and off...but not that one time, that horrible ugly beast got 5 chambers of .45 to the face and then click click click!!!

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Last night my dreams were rather vivid and wild. I was really, really tired.


I was packing guns. lol. Some group of people, never really knew who, was on the hunt for a group of my friends and I.


At one point in the dream I was separated, in some bush and jungle. Then I see this bonfire and bodies moving around. It's my friends keeping camp at some deserted cabin.


What I remember most vividly about the whole thing is being with my friends at the camp and being bewildered and yelling at them "Guys, I could see you a mile off! You might as well be shooting off fireworks! They are going to be here soon."


It wasn't a frightening dream tho. More like an action adventure. heh. I was rolling around shooting off rifles and barreling down snow banks and slides.

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This is a dream I had after I broke NC last time and for the first time I got no response (though I asked her not to so go figure lol).. I get very vivid and ethereal dreams usually. I like them.


It's quite a simple one but it reflects the above so clearly.


I was in my nan's where i live. I was in the dining room next to the kitchen on my laptop when a lightening bolt hit the corner of the strip light on the kitchen ceiling. Where it hit the light fitting there was a hole which produced a torrent of running water. Then I woke up.


Lighteining in a dream respresents emotional shock. Water is indicative of emotions. Relate that to the first line above.

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I always forget my dreams


That's why I keep a dream journal, I usually remember my dreams every night, which wasn't the case a few years ago.


If you wake up and you DO happen to remember any part of what you dreamt, just scribble some notes down about it. The more you do it, the more you'll start remembering your dreams. And, the more detail you'll remember about them. It's actually quite interesting.

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This is what I get for reading this thread right before bed. So I'm in a church and we hear an air raid siren go off, and I look outside and a nuke is exploding off in the distance. And I go and hide under a pew, but it is of no use. Now we're all ghosts and we're like "now what are we going to do?" So we decide to drive over to the hospital to see if Allison Dubois from Medium can help. I can't remember if she actually did or not.

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I need to start keeping a dream journal again.


I hate spiders, and last night, I had this horrible dream that they were everywhere - crawling all over the walls, the floor, and even on the bed! No wonder I didn't get a restful night's sleep.


It's pretty fun reading about everyone's dreams!

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Mine wasn't good at all last night. I dreamed that my boyfriend's father came and said something about his ex (my boyfriend's ex) and I got upset. Then his mom was telling me how stupid I was and being nasty to me..... and we fought. It was horrible. I woke up so angry... haha


Oh, and yes, I've had plenty of lucid dreams... They're cool

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That's why I keep a dream journal, I usually remember my dreams every night, which wasn't the case a few years ago.


If you wake up and you DO happen to remember any part of what you dreamt, just scribble some notes down about it. The more you do it, the more you'll start remembering your dreams. And, the more detail you'll remember about them. It's actually quite interesting.


I think I'll try that. I usually remember my dreams for about 1 minute after I wake up, then they are all gone.

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Mine last night was weird.


First of all, I dreamed with Hersmudders and Leelu. I dreamed that Leelu was staying with me for two days and I fed her organic cookies and played with her, and Hersmudders called me to check on her.


Then, I dreamed that I was going to get married to this guy that I haven't seen in like five years, but I was in love with my actual boyfriend, and I didn't know why that guy would think that we were going to get married if we hadn't talked in such a long time. So he comes to my house on the day of our honeymoon and I'm trying to break up with him and I can't because he doesn't want to leave my house, and I'm like begging him to leave because my actual boyfriend was going to be coming soon and I didn't want them to see each other. So I threw a glass at him, cut my hand, and my "engagement ring" was torn to pieces. And still he wouldn't leave. Ughhhh. I woke up after that.


And then I had some silly random stuff... I was at an airport.... and then I dreamed that I went to a store to buy cheese and the woman told me a higher price than it actually was because I was a tourist and I got mad at her and told her off and she e-mailed me and insulted me... then I was driving through a very dark tunnel with my boyfriend and walking around the city and being very very thirsty... then I dreamed that the guy checking my bags at the airport was a famous person... then I dreamed that I ran into this guy from my high school that I haven't seen in forever.... then I dreamed that I went to a high school party with my friend and I was talking to her in French and pretending I was from France at her party... Then I dreamed that I was friends with former best friend...


Blahh, long night

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Lol i sorta liked my dream lastnight, i was out hunting and i had a dream that three bears charged me and my two hunting buddies. I used my .300 win mag rifle to take out the two who were going for my friends, who had no guns for some odd reason. By that time the bear attacking me was maybe 10 yards and charging, i drop my rifle, pull out my .44 revolver and get off six shots in 10 yards? lol but anyway, this bear is dead, but the momentum makes it roll into me and our heads hit. my two hunting buddies run over to me and im in a daze, i can walk, but i cant speak, so we run to the boat to drive to the river access. My hunting buddies are scared when they look at me and because i told them i cant talk... i dont even know how lol

So then being such a lucid dreamer, i make a flying ambulance come right to us, they slow the boat down and throw me like 15 feet into the air, straight into the back of this ambulance, i land perfectly on the bed. while theyre checking why i cant talk, i look on the roof and it says 4, 8, 15, 16, 28, 42... and in my dream i freaked out lol, my gun still had ammo so i shot the straps holding me down, and i jump out of the ambulance, which is now thousands of feet in the sky, i make myself a parachute and i am now skydiving with no voice box! yeehaw! ill never do that in real life... the dream gave me enough adrenaline lol well my parachute fails, and while im falling, i see a moose, i was hunting for this so i shoot it, and then smash into the river, for some reason i keep remembering the cloverfeild monster but im not sure what part it played, so my hunting buddies pull me out of the water into the boat, and we go to skin the moose. the moose tells me i cant talk because the bear that attacked me saw my skill and thought i was worth respect, he transfered his voice box to me as a gift to a true warrior, I learn how to speak and my voice is suddenly respected and everyone listens to me. the dream was long and it got less crazy after that but it ended with me jumping into a bladed salmon's mouth and letting it take me home... @_@

I dont have many crazy dreams, but when i have em... theyre insane

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Mmmm.... yea. I dreamed that the end of the world was here and some of us were preparing for it. Bla bla bla, very long dream. At one point I took the form of the attackers, and I was a man, and I was raping a girl. What does this mean?! I'm still upset from it.

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