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NC with first love in two months...


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... and I feel much happier about myself. I'm not crying all the time and I am looking forward to the future.




The not knowing what he is doing and who/if he is dating is driving me INSANE.


I just wondered from other peoples experiences with this whether anyone has any tips or suggestions for getting over these horrible thoughts?


Would be much appreciated

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It's hard, no doubt. I remember those days. The days of wondering where and who he was with. Basically just beating myself up.


You've gotta distract yourself. Keep yourself busy. Eventually those thoughts will subside on their own.


It's only been a couple months. You'll get there.


When you find yourself thinking bout it, immediately distract yourself. Put some music on. Call a friend. Busy. Busy. Busy. Whatever you gotta do!

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Start Having Confidence In Relation...
Start Having Confidence In Relationships And YourSelf


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