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whats wrong with me?


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everyone, its my first time doing this,



its been awhile now that i have not feeling to well,


i havent had my period for 2 months, and i have all sympoms of pregnancy,

yet nothing is convincing me that i am.


my breasts are very sore, padded bra doesnt even help!

i get 'hot flashes', i have funny tastes in my mouth, ive had very weird cravings, my tummy is always bloated, and im going to the toilet like its going out of fashion.


now i have taken about 3 tests at home, yet nothing!

the only thing im not getting is morning sickness!!

so this is worring me,

i havent been to the doctor as my bf gets home late.(doesnt have time to take me)..


so this is why i need advise and answers if possible.


i was on the patch, but i have been off it for 3 months.




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do you not have public transport where you live?


If your not using the patch what are you using?


Not everyone has morning sickness. My first pregnancy symptom was the baby moving...


Some people test negative even when there pregnant.


You could also be testing wrong.


Also Stress is wonderful for your body. The more you stress about your period the more it'll stay away. (if you aren't pregnant)


Also some people suffer phantom pregnancys. There body acts like its pregnant, when its not.


Go to your gp. There could be something else thats resulting in your symptoms.

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This could be due to getting off the patch. People get very weird cycles with all kinds of strange and confusing symptoms when stopping hormonal bc. This can last up to a year I've heard.


Please go to a dr. It's just a possibility that your cycle is a bit off, there may be something else going on. Are you trying to conceive?

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ok, here is the update people.,,


i have not yet seen the doc, i work till about 6 and making appointments are hectic.

since the last time, i have gotten sick 2 times, i do feel more sick.. im getting hot flashes all the time and yesterday i fainted cause i felt to hot..

my taste buds are going all crazy..


i need a doctors opinion on this.


everyone i bumped into has ask me if im expecting. because it looks like it in my face..

what does that mean????????

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If your fainting and feeling sick, you shouldn't be attending work. What if you have a bug? your likely to spread it around. It's unfair to your co-workers.


Just take a sick day, and go to the doctors. We can't tell you if your pregnant.You could have something else that causing these problems.


Or you could just be making yourself sick with all the stress and worry. Just go to the GP!

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Hi guys,

i thought id let you all know that im greatful for your support,


im seeing the doc today,

but i know that im pregnant,

i did 2 new home pregnancy tests yesterday,

and they both were positive..


Thank you for all your support.

I need it now more than ever.

As i dont know what to do next!

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