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Recovery from the breakup of first love

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I have a thread which called "I believed in first love" in "Getting Back Together" but today I decided to move my thread here. I guess after my ex moved and through 11 days of NC so far, I feel more empower and happy being on my own. Now, I don't want to focus on getting him back, instead, I want to heal properly and truly being happy internally.


Right now, I feel I can live without him. I don't think there is a possibility being back with him. In the future, if he still thinks about me, then that is fine. If not, then I have to say "I can move on and Mr. Right will be out there".


What am I doing today?


I guess I will try ballroom dancing with my friends, hang out with my family, and study study.


Goal- not to think about him. If I do, then I will try to block the thoughts away.


I can do it.

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After a year, i can safely say I am over my first love ANNND, I think he might even want me back! Haha!


Things will get better, look back at my threads and how devastated I was. Now I'm really happy with my life. I'm still single, but that's ok. Everything else is great in my life and I am prove you CAN get over your first love.


Keep busy and positive with minimal/no contact with your ex. Over time, you will be FINE!

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my first love cheated on me and gave me the whole "i love you so much, but im just not in love with you anymore", less than a week ago!


Needless to say, we are probably all feeling the same thing.




The only way to keep your chin up is through NC.


12 days of NC.


My ex was in my dream last night but I didn't feel anything after I woke up. I remember we had a fight one time and I was so heartbroken that I just sat there without a word being spoken. He sat next to me and out of no where took my hand and said "why do you give me so many chances?" I didn't reply but in my heart the answer would be "because I love you".


Now after going through a lot. My heart has closed on him and there is no more chances. I feel that I am happier without him. No more crying and mopping in my room because he didn't seem to care or because he just canceled our plans. I am also happier because there is no one to pressure me to change into someone that fits into his category. There is no one that tell me that I acted wrong. Now, I can be "ME" and that is the best person I want to be. I am proud to be me.


Good bye my first love.


NC- 12.

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Am trying to recover from a breakup with my first love. Only different circumstances; this break up had to happen, but neither of us wanted it.


We both said we weren't gonna shut the door on being together, but it's something that really just cannot happen for a few years. So we broke up. Both of us are as heartbroken and depressed as the other about it... But, NC for the last few weeks.


I feel your pain mate. It's something I'm sure neither of us could imagine before we actually fell in love, and then lost it. This is just like a massive speed bump, our lives slow down until we get past it, and let's face it, speed bumps are a pain in the * * * * .

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I'm so sorry. It's been a rough day for me too. But I got through.


I talked with an old friend last night and that was good. And my sister-in-law has been showing me what real women do in a loving relationship with a loving family. end result: She was only specail becasue I loved her, so I will find someone more becasue I am still alive and I am still love and it is she who is the man-eater.

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I'm trying to get over my first love too! It's so hard but we can do it! It's been six months for me and i'm doing a lot better now, i'm trying not to think of him so much but it's definitely harder when i see him often (we live in a small town)


He'll try and contact me every once in a while and that totally screws with my head but if he tries again i'm not going to let him! Because i deserve better and so do you! Try your best to not slip up and contact him, trust me you'll probably end up regretting it later. I know this sounds harsh but the way i like to see it is if he isn't contacting you then he obviously doesn't want to talk to you and why would you want to talk to someone who doesn't want to talk to you? I don't know that helps me at least.


Just think of your ex as a puzzle piece that didn't quite fit, it takes time but one day you'll find one that fits perfectly!

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Moving toward my 16 days of NC and I realize that he will never come back.

He is gone.


Almost 4 months of breakup. This is my third time attempting NC and it has been 16 days.


I am trying to erase him from my mind and live life with no regrets. I have been regretting too much over the lost love. Like others in here, I kick myself in the butt for all the mistakes that I had done. It lowered my self-esteem greatly.

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