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Hard topic to bring up

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Hey guys,


I hope you can help me to make a right move. *Guys prespective would be greatly appreciated*


My live-in bf of 2yrs and I moving together to another city where we don't know anyone.(for various reasons) We love each other a lot,talked about marriage and kids.


Yearlier this year my bf brought up marriage,he asked me if I would marry him i said yes,he said he would too because I'm the perfect girl for him. He even said he looked at the rings. Stuff started to happen...things didn't go well in his life like he planned and so on...because of all the stress he stopped talking about it. Altough,he tells me thats he loves me everyday and that hes so lucky to have me,I'm the best thing in the world and in his life. He shows me in every way he can that he loves me!


The thing is,since we're moving I want to have some sort of "security" knowing its going to work. I DON'T want to push marriage and I'm not in a major hurry to get married(we're both 26)BUT,I would like to know where we're at. I think I deserve to know what his plans are(plus he brought marriage up first) I never hinted or openly asked him about that--until now,when I think I should.


What will be the best ice breaker,how can get this information out of him without looking desperate or like I'm forcing him to do something he's not ready for. I just need to know that he still feels the same about me and wants to marry me.


I never had to ask a man about the future,so I don't know how to go about that.


Thank You!

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I agree with BlueAfterglow08, bring it up in a matter of fact manner. That way there he will not feel pressured and you will not seem desperate. I'm sure the pressure of the move and his plans falling apart most likely have the talk on the back burner. If he's still telling you and showing you how much he still loves you and how lucky he is to have you in his life. I wouldn't be too worried about it. You could have a ring and not that. I'd rather have that than a ring any day.

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