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unusual question from a date? need opinions


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I'm fairly new to online dating. And I've been on two first dates recently that I met on an online dating service. Nice guys, but in the context of our conversations they both asked how long of a subscription did I buy for the service? And how often do I check my profile?


Me being an honest person, I said 3 months, explaining that it made sense price wise. And I said I check it whenever I need to/every couple of days. I stopped myself from going into detail of "well basically whenever I get notified of a message via my yahoo email." They both gave me a "huh" response, like "oh, I'm disappointed to hear that" response.


Anyway my question is...why would they ask such a thing? I mean we both know we're online dating - it's clear we both using a dating service and it takes effort to find people. Perhaps, my question more to the point - in your experience is this a sign of insecurity? It seems to me that it's a silly question to ask on a first date and I'm left wondering if its a sign of someone who lacks confidence or maybe something else I can't put my finger on...Or should I not read into it and its par for the course in online dating.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hey there,

Yeah...those are definitely strange questions to ask. I don't understand their reactions either. Why would they be dissappointed to hear that?

I've met quite a few people online and have never been asked how often I check my messages. I have had a number of dates where we've talked about the online dating experience but it's just been for conversation.


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