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im not joking, out of the me & leigh(my partner) ive always accepted anything she got up to in her past and recently - its diffcuilt & long to go into but in case interested for the whole details, ive put them down in the journal section...


....anyway, ive let leigh do things, chat to ex's, supported her through a major crisis and stood by her side no matter wat came up from her past & came along now and even if i didnt like it, i adjusted myself to accept it cause if i reacted how i wanted to react and signed off to think about it & get back to her - it would not have helped how she felt in the slightest s i was basically thinknig on my feet


Howeva, i get into a party that gets out of hand, someone spiked my drink and pictures were taken of me topless, tied to a fence - this was just last night & im still trying to work out wat happened to me and coming to terms with the fact that i was drugged and my memory hazy and im not even sure exactly wat happened that night - and i told her, hoping that she would at least try and comfort me in some way but no, she ends the call & blocks me on all messenger lists & removes me as her friend on social sites...

sends me message to stop sending her emails and hasseling her cause she needs time to think it over and abosrb the information


her saying that & cutting me off completely doesnt really help how im taking the night's events and im scared that shes gonna leave me & theres nothing i can do to convince cause me emailing her is now is too much to take in wehile she absorbs the information.


been together for a year & half now, she is in america & im in england & saving up for a trip to spend christmas with her......


.....im lost as to wat to do, if i dont message her in someway, i go crazy not knowing wat she is thinking about & i dont know wen she'll forgive me or not and i cant even get annoyed and bring up the fact that the way she reacted is how ive wanted to react sometimes but i knew it wouldnt help anything so i just brushed straight past that feeling to be there for her & to help in anyway and now im being told to leave her alone cause of one night!!!

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Give it some time, as hard as what you've gone through that night she's going to need her own space like she said to really absorb what had happened.


You also mentioned you allowed her to do things that you 'did not like'. It may work in certain situations but at the same time you should be honest with yourself as well as telling her what you don't find comfortable.


Let her come to you even if one minute feels like one year. Time heals, she will start to talk to you again.

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