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late period..but negative tests?


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Hey, i'm new to ENA! Long time lurker..


About a two weeks ago..I started feeling bloated, crampy, dull lower back ache, fatigued..didn't really pay any attention to it until saturday the 22nd I had some bloody discharge..I put a tampon in and didn't worry about it..it stopped that night. Not very much blood at all. [implantation bleeding..?] Fast forward a week & two days..I was supposed to start my period yesterday.....


well, it's not here yet. I did two first response digital tests...and got two big fat negatives. Today, i'm nauseous to an extreme..heartburn from hell..I'm going to wait until Friday and do another test..then go to planned parenthood on Saturday.


After doing some research on digital prego tests - i've learned they give more false negatives than any other form of test. Any experience? I know you can't diagnose or tell me if i'm in fact pregnant..but I could use some reassurance.

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Wait a few days and retest.


I've had this happen exactly twice in my life. I didn't have unprotected sex (but I had had sex so I decided to take a test in case the condom broke or something else went wrong) and I wasn't pregnant either time. My period was just acting funny. I was freaked out because my period has always been very regular and these two instances were just flukes. Happens sometimes.

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I always thought they were pretty accurate??


Well, I thought the same thing..and I might be getting inaccurate information from the net..but searching certain forums and such i've noticed a rather large trend in false positives on digital tests. Maybe i'm not pregnant..and it's accurate..but the symptoms i'm having and the late period are making me think different.





I've had the same issues before..but i'm just ridiculously confused..but i'm going to wait a few days and take another test.

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what you fail to understand though..is that i'm trying to concieve..women who are trying to concieve are going to get anxious whether be 1 day and 12 hours..or a week..it doesn't matter. I'm going to worry about it until I get a positive, start my period or go to my doc. I just wanted some advice/exerience with this type of situation..

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no, i got the 'please god tell me i'm pregnant' vibe off of you in your first post.


but that doesnt change the fact that you need to wait. because alot of times stress over IF you are pregnant whether you want to be or not will cause your period to delay too.


so try and relax. and like i said usually by 14 days dpo you can get a positive result. but thats not always the case. one woman on here was 3 months pregnant and kept getting negative tests.

you could always go to the doctor and get the much more sensitive blood test if you want.

DO that.

google ovulation calendar and they usually have all the neat stuff about what date you can test by, and when the potential baby will be due if you are pregnant.


calm down.

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eqd, i'm trying to relax..it's just hard..**breaths**


okay..still haven't started my period as of this morning..still getting negatives on tests.


my doctors office isnt open on weekends..so next week it is i suppose.


the only 'symptoms' i'm having as of now is lower back pain..like a dull constant ache, nausea, fatigue, mild 'hot flashes' and an increase in clearish whitish discharge. after i got ANOTHER negative test this morning, i feel like giving up. why can't my period just start if i'm not pregnant..so i can get on with my life? lol!


ill keep you updated..and any advice/experiences you have to offer would be great.

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