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Just wondering why...


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I'm not looking to change or get advice as such over this, just really wondering why out of curiosity.


I was seeing someone for a few weeks before I was away for 2 months, during the time I was away we spoke everyday, several time. Long story short, over the 2 months we got very close and to the point she was talking about the future (she was heading north in a year and wondered what would happen as I couldn't join her for a further 3 months) anyway, she was talking long term and I (with slight trepidation) gave her honest answers (now i'm sure it's wrong to answer truthfully or lie, which is even worse!). So I got back, everything was great. Had sex several times (she said it was good, even that it was really hard to get her off on her back, which she did). Anyway, a few days later she suddenly decided she couldn't do it anymore.


Now I thought that this could be one of a few reasons:

1. The sex was bad, she lied (although my ex, who I weirdly talk to all the time, still says the sex was good, so not thinking it's this).

2. She got scared over what she said (I didn't say I just wanted this - I was just letting it take the course it did).

3. She decided I wasn't the type of guy she really wanted (although I have known her for almost a year so she already knew me pretty well).

4. erm, your view


Just to add a little detail, I'm a pretty good looking guy, not Casa Nova but nowhere near shrek, 150lbs and in great shape. She's now seeing a 220lb guy from military school.


As I said, I'm over the whole thing and we're actually really good friends, I just wondered what happened?

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