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Carpooling and difficult parents?


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I carpool with 2 other parents. One a divorced Dad, the other a stay at home Mom. They will not arrange schedules, it always has to be me.


Yesterday, repeated attempts to reach them, voicemail after voicemail! The kids are supposed to be at practice at 4. At 3:30 I get a call from the Dad. His son was at the fair all day, sorry, can't drive.


At 5, I get a call from the Mom, "why wasn't my son at practice?"

Me..."I had to volunteer, so I couldn't drive him over."


How can these people be so clueless? And how do I let them know that we have to work together to get this going?

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KG my sweet.....hunny they sound so inconsiderate.... they are putting all the burden on you... i wouldnt be able to deal with this... i would have to have a conversation with both of them... explaining your side and what you hope to get out of the situation... how rude that these people are this way, and helloooo a stay at home mom??? all you can do is be honest with them.. asking of the same in return... if this continues to be a problem... maybe figure out a new carpool plan with more responsible and considerate parents......

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I remember carpooling when my kids were younger. It was more stress than it was worth, most of the time. I ended up doing it myself, in most cases. If you really need to carpool to make the activity work for your kids, then you'll have to speak to them. The easiest situation is to work out a definite schedule, with an agreed upon plan for how to get in touch with each other if there needs to be a change. But you know that. You just have to try to get them on board. Good luck!

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If they can "play dumb" about schedules and plans...then certainly why cant you.

You are responsible for one kid...YOURS.

I know it sort of defeats the purpose of saving time and money with carpooling...but you are the one that ends up doing most of the planning, and driving anyway!

get your kid where he needs to be, when he needs to be there...and forget about them!

I would assume that eventually, they will catch on.

and if not..oh well. Not your problem.

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I agree with what everyone else has said....when I carpool, it's either equal or it doesn't happen...unless it's known from the very beginning. Once in a while, things come up and that's understandable, but if it's becoming a regular thing, sorry....I'm not your kid's chauffeur.

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HaHa! Worked perfectly! Waited till 3:30, had not called. Both parents call, "who's taking the kids?" Not me, I said. I have to work this afternoon, so little KG is skipping.

She took them, he's bringing them back!



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