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He texted me... what I WOULD have texted back

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... had I not been wiser, and deleted the message straight away, ergo deleting the last shred of his number on my phone.


I'm going to draft what I would have texted back just to vent.


Hey loser.


First thing's first, I told you once that ex's, ex boyfriends, ex friends, ex enemies.. they ALWAYS come back to me. I told you they do. I told you that one day they regret wronging me and they pick up their phones and text me. Or they try to joke around with me at school, sharing intimate inside jokes that they shouldn't have the balls to use.


Did you think you were going to be any different? HAH! Seriously? Do you think because you used that crappy holier than thou "lets be friends" attitude that I really was going to be your friend?


You are my one regretted relationship. You ruined the concept of romance for me, buying me teddy bears, a promise ring, introducing me to your parents, your friends, your cousins, borrowing a large sum of money from me, talking about marriage, making me your pride and joy...


... Only to kick me to the curb when you decided you didn't want me and you wanted somebody else.


I regret sleeping with you, you were so selfish. I regret introducing you to MY friends and MY cousins, I regret mentioning you to my parents, I regret missing school just to come and see you. You are my ONLY regret. Not my abusive ex, not my ex that after 1 year of love chose his friends over me, no one except you. I learnt something out of those relationships.


You? You just left me jaded.

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I find it a bit melodramatic to be honest. I understand that you're hurt, but in your message there are many obvious signals to me that you're still in love with him and want him back: saying how he is your only regret. Don't regret anything. Regret is for people who did something wrong and feel guilty about it. He is the one who wasn't honest with you and treated you like dirt.


I don't have any time for people like that. Nor should you.

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Say nothing, it will say so much more. It must feel a bit better to get it out of your system though, no? Every time my ex baited me I got really mad, but just grinned at him and gave him clipped yeses and nos. We worked together so I had no choice. When he breezed back out of my office again I collapse in my chair a shaking wreck, but after an hour or so I'd be proud of myself for showing some restraint and getting some dignity back.

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What did he text you, btw? Just curious.


It takes enormous restraint from me not to reply or to send messages to my ex! Mine sound like yours, lol. I end up typing stuff like that and chickening out and then I save them as drafts... then deleting it after rereading them because it sounds like I care too much (which is true) because one sentence turns into two pages. So the best thing I can do is nothing... he doesn't need to know my feelings towards him, positive or negative.


But yeaaaa..good job Release the anger (just not to him)!

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