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Why is this happening???


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Hey everyone,


So I'm 27, almost 28 and I can't find anyone worth a relationship. It is really starting to upset me. I think my problem is that I look like I'm 21 and IF I do end up meeting a guy, its usually the young ones that approach me, and they don't want a relationship so I'm in a rut. I'm a very good looking girl, I'm in super shape and I think I'm witty and have a fun personality.


What are some good places to meet guys more my age? When I go to bars if I do get approached its the young ones which don't work out, my friends don't have any cute single friends for me to meet. I feel like I'm approaching the age of when I should start settling down (and I want to) but I haven't even found anyone to date! I don't go out much but still...why can't I find anyone?



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I am in kind of a similar boat to you in some ways. Most people I speak to are surprised that I am single and reel off all these good things about me and then I am thinking to myself "Well yeah but you didn't want anything with me" or "Why does every woman I seem to meet either play games or never want anything serious?"


I don't have a low opinion of myself either but am frustrated to say the least. Many want the milk but don't want to buy the cow!


I wouldn't say that bars commonly house the type you want to find but when you say you don't go out much, is that because you are busy or are there other reasons? I would say that you need to take on extra activities, maybe a recreational sports team, a class of some kind or a meetup group. Anything to broaden your horizons. It has worked for me to an extent.

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I like the idea of joining sports teams to meet someone...but where am I supposed to join a sports team? I'm not in school, and my work doesn't really do that. I have tried the meetup group, but it seemed like all I was meeting was much, much older, strange people that I really wouldn't have an interest with.


I don't go out much because most of my friends are in relationships.

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I just looked online for sports and social clubs and eventually found one. The league I am in is co-ed and full of folk who are around my age. Can't say I found a date but I did meet new people which is always a good thing.


Is there a website for that? how do I find a co-ed leaque in my area?

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